Broadstairs woman guilty of fake cancer con faced accusation of fraud over Town Shed fundraiser

The fundraising boxing gala Image via vimeo/Modus Films

Kent Police has confirmed that a Broadstairs woman found guilty of a fake cancer con was also the subject of a separate fraud complaint which was made over a fundraising boxing gala.

Nicole Elkabbas, who will be sentenced on Friday (February 5) for duping people into giving her money via a Gofundme campaign in 2018 claiming she needed cancer treatment, is said to have held a boxing gala in aid of Broadstairs Town Shed but not to have handed over the £10,000 raised.

In November the 42-year-old of Edge End Road, was found guilty of two counts of fraud relating to money she received between February and August, 2018 through her fake cancer campaign.

Elkabbas conned some 600 people into donating to the fund and even lied about having a cancer operation to “remove her right ovary”. Elkabbas groomed her victims online and from her local community. The alert was eventually raised by an eagle-eyed private hospital consultant who reported his suspicions to police.

Some £45,000 donated to the fund was spent on gambling, hair extensions, holidays and a box at Tottenham for her lover’s family.

Admitting to a ten-year-long gambling addiction, Elkabbas told the court her behaviour was ‘what addicts do”.

The boxing gala in aid of Broadstairs Town Shed was held at the Winter Gardens in May 2017. A video of the event shows the crowded hall and declares the event raised £10,000.

The Broadstairs Town Shed did not receive the funds.

A Town Team spokesperson said: “Broadstairs Town Team is a small charity based in Broadstairs. One of our projects is the Broadstairs Town Shed (The Shed) which is a building in St Peter’s, where older people can meet and socialise in our woodworking workshop. We have recently been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for this project.

Award winning Broadstairs Town Shed

“We were approached by Ms Elkabbas who wanted The Shed to be the nominated recipient for a charity boxing fundraising event she was organising in 2017. Ms Elkabbas said the funds from the auction would be raised for the Shed.  The event went ahead and Ms Elkabbas publicised that she had raised £10,000 for the Shed.  No funds have ever been received from this event.

“As a charity it is very disappointing to be promised funds and then not receive them.  The Shed is an important part of many people’s lives.  Older people are often forgotten about and the Shed provides them with social interaction with other like-minded people who can work together on woodworking projects for the community. We have provided all relevant information to the police and have no further comment on this matter.”

Elkabbas told the BBC she denied any wrongdoing and that the event made a loss at the expense of her family.

Detective Sergeant Marc Cananur of Kent Police said: “Kent Police was notified in April 2019 of an allegation of fraud that was reported to have been committed in May 2017 by an individual who had already been charged in connection with serious fraud offences.

“Details of the alleged offence were recorded but no further action was taken in light of the ongoing investigation, as it was deemed disproportionate to carry out further enquiries when the new allegation was unlikely to have resulted in any differences to the level of sentence imposed on the suspect upon conviction.

“A review of the suspect’s finances revealed there was also little prospect of the victim receiving any of the money that was reportedly owed to them.

“The victim was encouraged to report the incident to Action Fraud and to consider taking alternative action to request compensation from the suspect.”

At the conclusion of her trial Elkabbas  was told to expect to be jailed when she is sentenced on Friday, with the Judge saying: “As far as the guidelines are concerned, there will be a custodial sentence.