Emergency services attend crash at Margate’s Victoria lights

Emergency services at the scene Photo Carl Hudson

Emergency services were called to a crash at the Victoria lights in Margate last night (January 28).

Police, fire service and ambulance attended the two-vehicle collision in Ramsgate Road at around 8.50pm.

Two people suffered minor injuries with one taken to a local hospital.

Photo Alex Webb

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a crash involving two vehicles in Ramsgate Road, Margate. One fire engine attended, however no action was required. Kent Police also attended.”

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesperson added: “One ambulance car attended the scene following reports of a collision. Two patients were discharged from our care at the scene.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 8.50pm following a report of a two-vehicle collision in Ramsgate Road, Margate. Officers attended and a man was taken to a local hospital.”


  1. It’s surprising there aren’t more incidents at these lights, so many jump the lights, I’ve lost count of the amount of people who drive through the lights on their mobiles, mum’s texting with kids in the car, it just beggars belief the idiocracy of some drivers.

  2. I live right by Victoria traffic lights and the amount of cars that jump the lights or speed up to make the lights or just generally use the stretch of road as a race track,cars will see how quick they can get from the lights to lesters pub,it’s a joke,cameras should be put on the lights: 1 to catch the light jumpers and 2 to catch people speeding in all directions,on a few occasions I’ve got to cross the road with my kids and someone jumps the lights and hurl abuse at me when they’re in the wrong,someone will get seriously hurt one day if it ain’t sorted

  3. Just wondering why we are not allowed to comment on the Clifton ville murder? Is there here a good reason or is it just that another eastern European has killed in the uk

    • Hi, it is because it is now a live legal process which means comments presuming guilt cannot be published. It is the same with all articles where charges are made but a trial has not yet concluded

      • However there is surely a discussion to be had into the numbers of unlawful killings in and around cliftonville, by my reckoning it must be averaging about 1 a year, which for a small area seems high. If nothing else it does highlight that despite all the protestations to the contrary many of cliftonvilles issues stem from those that live there and the ways they choose to behave. It makes not a jot of difference where someone comes from its their behaviour that’s the problem, though if it can be shown that one particular part of the residents of the area are disproportionately responsible then again ,if nothing else it shows where efforts should be targetted to inprove things.
        Mark Pearson when with Kent Police and the Margate task force produced a number of papers on the area. Well worth looking up on line, assuming they are still available as it was about 8 years ago.

  4. Funny how when the lights fail everyone slows down, are generally courteous and you have no queues…perhaps too much traffic control is counterproductive

  5. There is a good ten second delay on them lights before changing in either direction clearly someone was not paying attention or just didn’t give a toss

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