Fundraiser for Pilgrims Hospices set up in memory of Ramsgate campaigner and screenwriter

Campaigner and comedy writer Steve Coombes

A fundraising page for Pilgrims Hospice has been set up in memory of former Ramsgate resident Steve Coombes.

Steve died on December 30 following a battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his family and listening to music that he loved when he passed.

The 64-year-old had a colourful career as a screenwriter, penning well known Bafta nominated series Outlaws – starring Phil Daniels – and episodes of shows such as Vera, New Tricks, Hustle and Lovejoy.

He and wife Sue Austen were also instrumental in staging the cartoon festival and the Marcel Du Champ festival in Herne Bay, where they formerly lived.

Steve also created a stir in 2013 when he stood as an outspoken  county council candidate for the Herne Bay area, polling four percent of the vote.

The dad-of-two became a well-known campaigner is Ramsgate following his move to the town five years ago.

Steve challenged Thanet council over the use of Ramsgate Port, highlighted the failings in the Seaborne Freight ‘Brexit’ ferry debacle and came head to head with the council’s management team on numerous occasions.

Taking to the facebook page Nothing Concrete  at the Port of Ramsgate – Ramsgate Action Group, Steve’s accounts of the latest council flaws were both detailed and, often, high is comedy value.

In October 2018 Steve led a protest march against the proposed purchase by Thanet council of two giant pontoons with a spoof Turner Prize for Business award.

Sadly, the determined and witty campaigner became ill in April last year and, in the last few months of his life Steve and his family were supported by Pilgrims Hospice.

Now a fundraiser has been launched in his memory by daughter Holly which will benefit the vital work of Pilgrims Hospices.

Pilgrims helps people facing a terminal diagnosis, and their families, to live well in every moment.

End of life care is provided to people in their homes and at hospices in Margate, Canterbury and Ashford.

Find the fundraiser in Steve’s memory here