Continued reduction in covid positive rate for Thanet


The covid positive rate per 100,000 people in Thanet and fallen below 500 and now stands at 482.7 (as of January 18) compared to 613.7 seven days earlier. The UK rate is 421.3 and the Kent rate is 457.

Government data for today (January 23) shows 64 new positive cases recorded for Thanet, making 636 in the last 7 days which is a 22% reduction on the previous week. A total of 10,084 positive tests have now been recorded for the isle.

Sadly, 10 deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test have been recorded for Thanet, with 48 in the last seven days and a total of 358.

Latest data for East Kent Hospitals trust – covering Margate, Ashford and Canterbury hospitals – shows there were 374 patients being treated for covid as of January 19 with 43 patients on mechanical ventilation. The Trust has recorded 1065 deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test within its hospitals to date.

Nationally, 33552 positive cases and 1348 deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test were recorded today.

Vaccinations are taking place with hundreds of people receiving jabs in surgeries at St Peter’s Church Hall, Birchington Medical Centre, Minster surgery and in Ramsgate. A mass vaccination centre for east Kent opens in Folkestone on Tuesday and county councillors were told yesterday (January 22) that Thanet was also due to get a large scale site at a ‘shopping centre’ – assumed to be Westwood Cross.

In Kent and Medway, as of January 17, a total of 127,823 doses of vaccine had been given. This comprises of:

  • 57,923 first doses to people under 80;
  • 49,208 first doses to those aged 80 and over;
  • 5324 second dose aged under 80 and
  • 15,368 second dose to those aged 80 and over.

Across the UK people vaccinated up to and including January 22 were:

First dose: 5,861,351

Second dose: 468,617

This month the vaccine developed by Moderna became the third to be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The Pfizer vaccine has to be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius. Moderna has said that its vaccine needs to be frozen too, at minus 20 Celsius.

The AstraZeneca vaccine can be stored and transported at normal refrigerated temperature.


  1. Things are moving in the right direction (again – they were going the same way in April last year).
    Let’s not take our eye off the ball, hand off the tiller etc.

    • Craig Mackinlay only cares for lining the pockets of himself and his mates. The rest of us are cannon fodder unless we are worth something financially to him.

      It is actually shocking that in an area like South Thanet he is our MP, voting for him is like Turkeys voting for Christmas

  2. The important message is that numbers of infections are dropping, and the “R” number is between 0.7 and 0.8 in the SE.
    This reduction is *only* happening because many of us are following the guidelines; it’s coming down slowly because too large a minority are not.

  3. I notice that there are 77 (known) cases of the South African variant.
    And our useless government is doing …. precisely nothing.
    Except they’re going to have a committee meeting on Monday to discuss it.

  4. Yesterday I had my first inoculation, yippeee! The next one won’t be until May, but it means I will have some protection, and as someone in their late 70’s with multiple ailments, is reassuring. Today its been reported over 100,000 people have died from the virus, the highest in Europe! Mackinlay would like this figure to go higher, by trying to unlock the Lockdown! He like Trump is only interested in their own interests! Trump tries to downplay the virus because his main business interests are Hotels, and Golf courses, which have not had any clients for many months! Mackinlay, and his mates would like to see businesses re-open, for similar reasons, Duurh!

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