Upton’s ambassador role with top UK learning centre

Pupils Aurora, Henry and Poppy presenting to camera

Upton Juniors in Broadstairs is just one of three schools nationwide to become ambassadors for the acclaimed KidZania scaled city replica for young people in Westfield near Shepherd’s Bush in London.

A submission by Year 5 pupils as part of a country-wide competition impressed the organisers of complex where youngsters from 4 to 14 years old are encouraged combine learning through role play in a range of job professions from firefighters and pilots to journalists and medics.

Boys and girls auditioned for the roles of video presenters for the submission to KidZania, working to a script that they devised to showcase why Upton’s curriculum and ethos are perfect for the ambassador’s role. Aurora, Henry and Poppy were selected to be the faces of Upton for this project.

Their film highlighted the school’s love of hands-on learning, the desire to share individual and collective successes, and how the Upton community is an ideal preparation for children’s futures.


Deputy Head of School Dave Walker, whose English class created the winning entry, said: “The class were keen to access such a wonderful opportunity and were exceptionally excited with the prospect that we might win and have a day out at KidZania, once the country is free from Covid pandemic restrictions.

“It was a lovely New Year’s surprise to receive confirmation that we had been chosen and we are all delighted to be part of something aimed at preparing children for their future.’

“As well as the visit, our school is one of three in the UK to become ambassadors  with KidZania for the next two years – the liaison will involve sharing of ideas, with us giving feedback as to how the organisers can expand their remit to best empower children.

“KidZania is a learning environment for assisting careers exploration lessons, allowing for discussion of popular PSHE topics including citizenship, independence and environmental awareness.

“It is an honour to be part of such a valuable project that engages children in fun learning at the fabulous replica city where they are encouraged to think ahead to the roles they may life to fulfil in later life. It is an aspirational approach that helps develop ambition.”

Among the numerous experiences available to help children discover their passions, talents and skills are an aviation academy, a bank, hospital, dance club, fashion studio, fire and rescue unit, hotel, library, science lab, IT suites, music studio, radio station, pet wellbeing, theatre, university, and a job information centre.

Head of School Darci Arthur praised Year 5 for its initiative. She said: “The video presentation was spot on and got to the heart of what we believe makes Upton such a special place for learning and developing as people.

“Winning a visit to KidZania was a great achievement; but to be invited to work with them over the next two years in shaping the type of career opportunities that children at junior school level are already thinking about is important and exciting. The two year programme will also work alongside our own teaching that helps our boys and girls look towards a happy, fulfilled and successful future into adulthood.”