Amazing GP staff vaccinate 1,000 people in one day at Minster Surgery

Vaccinations at Minster Surgery

A total of 1000 Covid vaccines were administered at Minster GP surgery yesterday (January 16) to patients aged over 80 from across Westgate Surgery, Minster Surgery, St Peter’s Surgery, Birchington Medical Practice, Broadstairs Medical Practice and Ash Surgery.

A message from Birchington Medical Practice says the GP hub is currently working through care home residents, those 80 years and over and healthcare workers.

As of Thursday arrangements were being made at Minster to start making appointments for the next groups on the list, including those aged 75 and over.

Birchington Medical Practice says: “There has now been confirmation of a small supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine arriving this week and this will be prioritised for care homes in our patch.

“It has been impossible to pre-plan the vaccine campaign as delivery has only been confirmed a few days in advance in some cases. Our Primary Care Network teams will do our best to continue to keep our GP surgeries operating alongside this immense vaccination campaign.

“A huge, huge thank you to all of the staff who have (and will continue) to work considerable hours over the next few months to ensure that all of the patients in our PCN are vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

Staff are understood to have worked from 8am to 8pm to ensure the vaccination appointments were completed.

Hundreds of patients were taken to the surgery by Thanet Community Transport. The company charges £3 each way anywhere in Thanet. Drivers will wait to take customers straight back home, Call 01843 602030.


The vaccination programme in Ramsgate is being run at Montefiore Medical Centre collaboratively with East Cliff, The Grange, Dashwood, Newington and Summerhill.

The Centre says the service will be impacted by the availability of vaccines and the collective ability to staff the clinics but “rest assured we are all committed to deliver this programme as quickly and safely as possible to allow all of lives to return to a new sense of normal.”


Mocketts Wood/Margate vaccination programme serves The Limes Medical Centre, Northdown Surgery, Bethesda Medical Centre, Mocketts Wood Surgery. By January 13 this hub had vaccinated over 78% of all care home residents and staff in the PCN. Only four care homes were left due to a pre-existing Covid outbreak.

Vaccinations are also being carried out at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, predominantly focusing on high priority patients who would be coming to hospital for other care, plus NHS and care home staff, and from tomorrow (January 18) health care staff can receive the jab at the Spitfire cricket ground in Canterbury.

(Photo EKHUFT)

This month the vaccine developed by Moderna became the third to be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The other two are the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Oxford/AstraZeneca.

The Pfizer vaccine has to be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius. Moderna has said that its vaccine needs to be frozen too, at minus 20 Celsius.

The AstraZeneca vaccine can be stored and transported at normal refrigerated temperature.

There is a delay in delivery of the Pfizer vaccine while the firm upgrades manufacturing facilities.

This will temporarily impact shipments in late January to early February but there will be a significant increase in doses available for patients in late February and March.

Thanet data

Positive covid rates per 100,000 people have again been falling in Thanet, from 807.5 on January 9 to 611.6 yesterday (rolling 7 day rates have a 6 day time lag meaning yesterday’s figure was for week ending January 11).

The government data dashboard information yesterday showed 97 new positive tests recorded, making 818 in the last seven days – a drop of 22%. A total of 9,448 positive tests have been recorded for Thanet,

Six deaths within 28 days of a positive test were recorded making 39 in the last seven days and a total recorded for Thanet of 310 as of January 15.

Data for East Kent Hospitals shows 397 patients in Margate, Ashford and Canterbury hospitals with covid as of January 12 with 29 people on mechanical ventilation,


  1. Can we have the figures for Montefiore please? Do they need to rethink this hub and move some patient numbers to other hubs?

    What can be done to accelerate and support the roll out and ensure all targets are hit?

    • Pumping something that we barely know anything about into thousands of peoples bodies is not a ray of sunshine Andrew. Look after you bodies everyone. Quit drinking, quit smoking. Eat organic, fresh fruit and veg. Then there will be no need to risk your long term health and be proud of it

      • Not smoking or drinking will not stop you contracting C19. Nor will eating a balanced diet supplemented with vitamin D.
        Having a vaccination will.
        Both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are safer than Ibuprofen.
        Go and peddle your pseudoscience somewhere else.

        • Its not a conspiracy that eating healthy and natural will help protect you from virus Andrew. For many years now the mass population have been treating our bodies terribly. Then we wonder why when another flu comes about we are praying for a vaccine to save us. Willing to further risk our health for it. I can understand people in their 80s and 90s taking a punt on it, but no young person in health should be queueing up for this.
          Again its not a conspiracy. Look after health and remember that this is a foreign unknown source for our bodies being pumped into it. Think carefully before you take it

      • Well, I’m going to play my wild card and accept a vaccination when it’s offered.

        Each of my prescription medications has a very long list of possible side effects but I’m still taking them.

      • Agree Mony, this is a rushed-to-the-market experimental vaccine with liability for vaccine damage waived for the drugs companies concerned. The Norwegian health department has already flagged concerns regarding the vulnerable elderly after deaths there, and says it’s not suitable for them. Deaths amongst the elderly also recorded in France, USA via the official CDC, and UK according to reports from relatives. And face paralysis in Israel. The vaccine hasn’t been tested in the elderly group, and there also concerns regarding fertility. This has been flagged in the literature from both government and drugs companies involved. The swine flu jab was rushed and resulted in a law suit by NHS workers after they received vaccine damage and narcolepsy in some cases. Interesting on those in the medical, scientific and care communities who won’t take this vaccine. A good immune system is what you need and there are lots of natural ways to maintain this. Viruses will come and go and mutate every year for the rest of our lives. We won’t be able to rely on vaccinations to save us.

        • I see that not only have the elderly not been tested, but none of the vaccines have been tried out on people called “Mrs Phyllis Quot”, of 26 Gasworks View, Cleethorpes, Lincs.
          I refuse to have anything to do with these “jabs” until they’ve been satisfactorily tried out on me

        • Phyllis, I grew up in the 40’s, and 50’s when Tuberculosis, Dipheria, Scarlet Fever, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken pox, and poliomyelitis was rife, and an aunty died of TB. These diseases have been eliminated now in most countries, due to people being vaccinated! When I went into the last of the National Service army, and found myself posted to the British Southern Cameroons, West Africa, we were vaccinated against Cholera, Typhus, Yellow Fever, and Tetanus, why? Because there was a very real danger of getting these diseases in a third world country! Don’t be stupid, this vaccination is better than dying in a very unpleasant way,

          • Well said.

            It’s ironic that the success of past vaccines in wiping out disease is what is causing some people to be so sceptical about COVID!

  2. My husband aged 83yrs was extremely thankful to have his first jab at Minster, yesterday. It was all very efficient. The question we have been trying to have answered is – are the vaccines only being given out on a Saturday?

  3. The Pfizer vaccine is not known to be good unless you receive the second dose within the manufacturers stated time limit of 21 days. That is what they did their tests on. The government has not produced any evidence through their health minister Matt Hancock to state it will still work and be safe having the second dose within 12 weeks which is what the government say is okay. The astra-zeneca vaccine however was tested at different time delays between doses and the results show a slightly higher efficacy in those who had taken the second doses more than 6 weeks after the first but the participants enrolled on the studies were few.
    I am not sure if you get any choice on which vaccine you receive but do believe everyone is being the governments guinea pigs in this testing.

    • The facts are that the Pfizer first jab gives more than 50% protection to the target poulation, and much higher according to some interpretations of the facts.
      What it boils down to is that more of the target population is given protection if you use the currently available doses to give more people 1 jab, than if you give a smaller group two jabs.

    • Montifoire surgery seems to be letting the side down again. No figures published or maybe they are just ashamed.

  4. Let’s all debate the 2nd jab once we’ve all had the first jab. At the moment, progress in Thanet seems slow for jab one but as numbers are not being published we don’t know.

    Thanet GP hubs need help mobilising this programme in order to achieve their targets. We don’t know how they’re doing, and we don’t know how to help. Apart from waiting…

  5. Great work by those on the frontline, Thank you.

    Vaccination statistics mentioned are just a general guide, like always some people will use general information to be negative.

  6. It’s good we’re getting vaccinated, this virus is very much alive out there and it has cought us by surprise. I understand that the Pfyzer vaccine doesn’t contend blood components (plasma ), therefore is more expensive for governments to buy but because Britain is a one of the “rich” countries they can afford to buy it, I believe is about £13.00 per vaccine on last info so can you imagine buying thousands!!
    Go get your vaccine because this is another tool we can use, and yes you’re injected with the virus and yes if you’re allergic talk to your GP or suffering from a very underline health condition speak to you GP otherwise roll your sleeve and get that JAB IN ASAP.

  7. Once again you are spreading fake news.
    This is from the BMJ:
    “It may be a coincidence, but we aren’t sure,” Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA), told The BMJ. “There is no certain connection between these deaths and the vaccine.”


    “There is a possibility that these common adverse reactions, that are not dangerous in fitter, younger patients and are not unusual with vaccines, may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” Madsen said. “We are not alarmed or worried about this, because these are very rare occurrences and they occurred in very frail patients with very serious disease”

    Of the 3.8 million UK citizens vaccinated so far, how many have suffered adverse reactions?

    You say that the vaccine has not been tested in the “elderly group”. Which vaccine: two are in use in the UK.
    Which elderly group? AstraZeneca’s vaccine was tested on the over 70s.
    Please stop publishing your unwarranted scare stories.

      • Other Norwegian stories tend to differ on this. Irish Times today Andrew on the dangers of giving the experimental vax to the vulnerable elderly. And other reports just out in California via CDC on elderly deaths there. The gov. and drugs companies literature cites the issues of immune compromised people. If people are informed they can make their own choices, but if they are not, that is very sad. , as some relatives are saying now.

        • You must be desperate in your need to spread alarm and despondency.
          Is there no newspaper that you haven’t scanned in your determination to find a negative story?
          I’ve seen similar tales of woe on other social media forums: do you subscribe to a particular antivax youtube channel, or do you do your own “research”
          I note that the Irish Times (noted for its expert commentary on medicine) is just regurgitating the same stuff you posted a few days ago.
          This is what the Norwegian Medical Director said (quoted in the BMJ)
          ‘There is a possibility that these common adverse reactions, that are not dangerous in fitter, younger patients and are not unusual with vaccines, may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” Madsen said. “We are not alarmed or worried about this, because these are very rare occurrences and they occurred in very frail patients with very serious disease”‘

  8. This is good news. A good diet is what it says. Good. It will not stop you getting seriously ill from infectious diseases. Please don’t listen to those people. Protect yourselves with the vaccine.

  9. Thanks for some statistics at last.Just listened to the news and apparently they are now starting to vaccine the over 70’s it would appear that although the Thanet area has been the hardest hit for covid19 we are bottom of the list for the vaccine. Why is it that some surgeries don’t appear to be receiving the quantity or is it the staff to vaccinate,Mocketts wood surgery say they have vaccinated 78% of care homes only what is going on.

  10. Does anyone know if they have started doing vaccinations at the East Cliffe practice in dumpton park drive yet.

  11. I think Montefiore started before Christmas. Their web update says they’ve jabbed 1,000 out of a total of 20,000 in this first target group to mid Feb. They are a hub for 5 GP practices. It is a huge number of patients.

  12. I live in Cliftonville, i have only heard of four people receiving the vaccine, what’s happening? I hear of great results everywhere else.

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