Calls for extended 20mph zones following crash in Margate

Photo Frank Leppard

Residents and councillors are urging Kent County Council to extend 20mph zones in Margate following a crash in Addington Road today (January 12)

Emergency services were called this afternoon after a Range Rover collided with a wall and former funeral directors building in Addington Road.

No serious injuries were suffered but resident and gallery director Robert Diament says the road is a troublespot and he has particular concern about speeding in the stretch.

No cause for today’s crash has yet been revealed and speeding concerns are general rather than being suggested for this particular incident. (Update: The accident was caused by an accelerator mistake whilst parking. The gentleman suffered some minor cuts but no serious injuries).

The 40-year-old, who moved to the town in 2019 to take the helm at the Carl Freedman Gallery in nearby Union Crescent, said: “I’ve been expecting a major incident to happen since moving onto the road due to daily occurrences of people driving at very high speeds.

“I don’t mean 40mph but more like 50-60mph depending on the time of day and volume of traffic. At night it’s regularly up to 60mph. It’s not safe and it’s totally unacceptable for the local residents but particular those with young families.

“If I feel at risk, then I can’t imagine what it’s like for elderly or younger people. Buses are also regularly forced onto the pavement due to drivers pushing their way down the road. I’ve almost been hit a few times. It has to stop.

“At the end of summer 2020 the corner wall was also knocked down in a similar crash. We really need to work out a cost effective traffic calming scheme and give priority to much needed public transport like the buses and make it safer for everyone here.”

Cllr Barry Lewis

Labour County Councillor for Margate Barry Lewis, who has secured several 20mph zones for the town with the most recent installation in Athelstan Road, is backing Robert’s call for traffic calming measures.

He said: “This highlights the need for the extension of 20mph speed limits to the rest of Margate’s residential areas, after the successful implementation in Central Margate and parts of Cliftonville.

“I will continue to press for KCC to change policy as well as more police enforcement of speeding in the area.

Thanet District councillor for Margate West Harry Scobie added: ““I agree with Cllr  Lewis for reducing speed limits in town centres, but it is also a question of enforcement and the need for technology such as cameras to aid prosecutions.”

In August 35 roads were designated as 20mph zones in Margate town. The schemes were introduced through an Experimental Traffic Order meaning they were installed in September and a consultation will run at the end of the time period to decide whether to make them permanent.

Restrictions run from Nayland roundabout to Trinity Square and up to the Winter Gardens on the approach to Cliftonville.