Closure order served at Ramsgate flat after drug dealing, intimidation and violence complaints

A closure order was granted on the property Image Kent Police

A property linked to drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in Ramsgate has been shut down following a successful court application by Kent Police.

A closure order regarding the flat in Melbourne Avenue was submitted after an investigation by Thanet Community Safety Unit and was heard at Margate Magistrates’ Court on December 23. It was served on  January 5 and will remain in place for up to three months, banning anyone including the previous tenant from accessing the flat during that time, or they risk arrest.

A number of issues had been recorded at the address over the past year, such as drugs being thrown out of windows and visitors at all hours. Residents had also been subjected to threats of violence and intimidation.

Warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act were carried out at the flat in April and August, where drugs were recovered. During the second warrant officers found a metal barrier had been constructed inside to prevent anyone accessing the front door.

Weapons were also recovered, including a cosh made from a sock filled with metal nuts. A 40-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply, and remain under investigation.

Thanet CSU Inspector Alex Tyler said: “The evidence we provided showed this address had clearly been causing upset to the surrounding community. To have to live close to a property which is at the heart of nuisance behaviour is unacceptable so we will always look to take action where appropriate.

“Residents and business owners should not feel helpless when confronted with such a situation, and I encourage anyone who finds themselves experiencing something similar to report it to police.”


  1. Excellent news but……I do wonder how long the neighbours had to put up with this before it was finally shut down!

  2. Is it just my imagination of do these closure orders seem disproportionately iconnected to social housing , seems a common thread over the years.

  3. Be excellent if they did something about a similar flat on Addington Street that sees drug activity, loud obnoxious music at all times, violence, screaming and general intimidation and upset to the community. Been reported many times, nothing done, hey ho. Guess they just actively chose when they want to do this type of thing to make it seem that they do actually acknowledge these issues in our streets…

  4. Your not wrong as this is my address an when taken to court was all proven to be a lot of nonsense from 1 neighbour that’s got a grudge I even had letters from neighbours saying how polite an how nice my flat was etc !! Not a conviction to my name an not 1 violent threat or intimidation accusation proven , an such a bad person they let me stay until after Xmas an new year !!

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