Ramsgate woman among 42 fined for covid rule breaches over the new year

Stock image Kent Police

Kent Police issued 42 fines over the New Year to people who held parties, flouted travel bans or failed to self isolate when required.

Among them was a Ramsgate woman who was fined £1,000 on Sunday, 3 January. The woman was a passenger of a car involved in a collision and enquiries revealed that she should have been self-isolating.

On New Year’s Eve police were called at 1.45pm following reports that a group of about 15 people were seen on the beach near to Hodges Gap promenade in Margate. The group were dispersing when officers attended so fines were not issued.

Fines were also dished out in Canterbury, Medway and Chatham.

Assistant Chief Constable Claire Nix said: “The vast majority of Kent residents recognise the importance of abiding by the regulations to control the spread of Covid-19 and stayed at home with members of their household to see in the New Year.

“In other instances, we were able to disperse people and remind them of their personal responsibility to do the right thing and follow the law.

“However, on the occasions where people showed a blatant disregard for the regulations, putting others in danger by hosting gatherings or meeting others whilst infected with the virus, officers were left with no other option but to issue fines.

“As we enter the third national lockdown we will continue to police in the way we have since March – engaging with people, reminding them of their responsibilities and taking further action when necessary.

“The restrictions are designed to reduce the infection rate – but they will only work if people comply. I would urge everyone to familiarise themselves with the latest guidance to ensure we all collectively help reduce infections.

“Preventing the spread of the virus is a shared effort, and police will play their part alongside the Government, businesses, hospitality owners, local authorities and the public.”

People should stay at home and only leave to shop for essentials, exercise, work, seek medical assistance or escape domestic abuse. The measures, which will stay in place until at least mid-February, includes the closure of schools and colleges to all but vulnerable and key worker children, whilst early year settings can remain open.


  1. These people don’t care, giving them a fine is all well and good but it won’t educate them, they’ll just see it as some bast##d authoritarian messing up their fun…..twats.

    • Too many “do gooders would come to their defence and complain that their human rights would be violated.
      You wouldn’t get this non compliance nonsense in China.

      • Feel free to go and live in China, and enjoy their version of democracy.
        No do-gooders have sprung to the defence of the law breakers mentioned in the piece.

      • I lived and worked in Beijing 2002-2006,and believe me,you would NOT want to live there as a Chinese citizen.Yes,there is more ”compliance” in China,but this is based on a very real fear amongst the general population of possible severe consequences for not complying.

  2. They need to physically go and close down the sneaky illegal Airbnb in Arthur Road, Cliftonville which has continued to take bookings and fill his business all through the pandemic and lockdowns. People coming and going, mixing in the shared community indoors. No tax being paid on this business and privately marketed in London to selected guests so not on view online. TDC have done Jack about it and neither has Kent Police, the man shouts racist to anyone who questions him. This business will no doubt be adding to the virus rates being higher in the area.

      • Well of course, three times Peter using the official Kent Police web form but nothing is done. The people coming since day one are holiday guests not key Workers. Nobody is going to work. Stays are from a weekend to a couple of weeks.

    • B&Bs etc catering for key workers are allowed to stay open.
      Perhaps the people using this place are ambulance crews or nursing staff, shipped here temporarily from elsewhere, or unable to go home because of shielding?
      My son-in-law, a hospital worker, spent a week in a hotel when one if his children was sent home from school because of CV

  3. I have just had another 4 page letter from Matt Hancock informing me I am a “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Person” if any of these idiots are infected with the virus, and asymptomatic they could kill me! This is how serious this is, and any of Coronidiots claiming its a hoax, should be made to wear an armband, or face mask, saying they are delusional, and any medical treatment if they get it, should be denied them! Harsh? Tell that to the relatives of the over 70,000 in the UK who have already died from the virus, and the thousands who continue to die every week, overwhelming our hospitals!

  4. Judging by the amount of traffic on the roads in Thanet today i assuming that lockdown doesn’t apply to Thanet

  5. If these people where in prison they would need their own wing to keep them separate from everyone higher up the food chain.

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