Car crashes into wall in Cliftonville

Collision with the wall at the Queen's Court entrance Photo Brenda Vidal

Police are at the scene after a car crashed into a wall in Cliftonville.

The vehicle collided with a wall at the entrance of Queen’s Court flats in Queen’s Parade.

Photo Brenda Vidal

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers were called to Queens Court, Queens Parade at 4.45pm following a report that a car had been in collision with a wall. No injuries were reported.”


  1. That wall couldn’t have been very strong or stable to have that much damage done by a Fiat 500 at a snails pace in the car park.

    • It wasn’t in the car park. The car list control on the bend of the main road and smashed through the wall.

  2. Looks like this photo was taken in the car park but the car has clearly crashed through the wall from the road outside on the bend.

  3. Have you forwarded your information to the police?

    At least with your information they can rule out mechanical failure, a medical incident, or even another vehicle involved, that left the scene.

  4. She has a full driving licence and insurance… it was a mechanical fault when the steering wheel locked… the police were called and got her out… and are dealing with the situation.. she was not drunk or even had a drink that day… by the way.. if anyone is interested she is very bruised..

    • Hope she is ok. If she decides she would like another Fiat 500 I have lots of them in stock, I will look after her with the price too

      Fiat500specialistcars 🙂

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