Ramsgate Arts Primary songs and messages to be broadcast on radio on Christmas Day

Christmas fun

Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary have been busy recording a special show to be broadcast on Christmas Day.

Girls and boys will be featured singing and chatting on Ramsgate Radio.com as the station reflects their happy, colourful and transforming experiences inside Reception class since starting school in September.

Sophie Spurrier, Early Years lead at RAPS, said: “It has been really exciting for the children to be recorded and they are looking forward to hearing themselves when the show is broadcast.

“It is a perfect way for us to reach out to all those families who have not been able to come in to school to celebrate Christmas with us at our normal festive performances and events.”

The radio slot will also include chats with Miss Spurrier and Head of School Nick Budge.

Young performers will also been seen in action with their Christmas songs, actions, dance and enjoying a range of creative craft-making being shown in a filmed stream that will be available via the school’s website.

Miss Spurrier added: “This is important for our little ones as it is their first performance in school and it means a lot to them, to the staff and to our community. They have loved being involved and performed fearlessly and with so much enthusiasm and enjoyment.”

The recording session was part of a busy end of term series of fun events for children of all ages including a festive shop, class parties, nativities and shows, and traditional Christmas dinner.

Filipe Gomes who runs Ramsgate Radio, enjoyed recording the children at RAPS. He said: “This Christmas Ramsgate Radio will offer its listeners a small glimpse in to the amazing work of the Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

“We’re so conscious that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging and unique time for so many of us. Under normal circumstances, our schools would be inviting ‘grown ups’ in to watch their children celebrate the festive period through performance.

“The process of building a performance and to then step out on to a stage to showcase it, is easy to underestimate. However, the very act has the potential to empower our little ones in the most beautiful way; it potentially offers their first encounter with collaboration and mutual dependency in realising a common goal – it’s such a powerful way of introducing our little children to the concept of unity.

“The pandemic has disrupted these events and our little ones won’t get to experience this in the same way as older children have.

“Ramsgate Radio wants to, in a tiny way, bring some of this experience to our children. There’s something about having a producer coming in to the school with lots of microphones and cables that creates a sense of anticipation and excitement – to then share that performance within a radio context is a little like stepping out on to a stage.

“All we have to do is listen and be proud that our little ones were brave enough to step out in front of scary microphones and tangled cables.”

Listen to the performance online at www.RamsgateRadio.com at 3pm on Christmas Day.