Newington’s Save the Children Fund awareness day and festive fun

Festive fun at Newington

During their festive celebrations, caring children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate have taken time out to think of those less fortunate than themselves.

An awareness day has focused on the vital work of the Save The Children charity, with pupils understanding how the organisation protects and helps children around the world who need it most.

To mark the occasion girls and boys, and staff, wore their favourite sparkly Christmas jumpers or brightly coloured and patterned tops.

Teacher Rachael Rowden said: “This year we decided not to ask for donations for the Christmas jumper day in aid of charity as we are very aware that money within our community, like many others, is stretched very thin.

“Children were encouraged to make their own jumpers if they didn’t have something festive to wear as we are aware that with lockdown upon us parents wouldn’t be able to shop for jumpers or have the money to buy them.

“Instead, we provided lots of learning opportunities in class about the work that the charity do, including a very special singing assembly full of both Christmas cheer and information about Save the Children. “

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Our festive celebrations have been among the best ever this year – but it is also an important time to reflect and understand the hardships and uncertainties that many people, especially children, face every moment of the day around the world.

“The jumper day was a great experience and there was a lovely range of impressive designs on show and they added an extra sparkle to our festivities.”

As well as nativity plays and a carol concert streamed to pupils isolating at home – and their families and friends around the UK and beyond via the school’s online platforms – there have been other special celebrations.

These include a trip to Santa’s in-school grotto for children, a visit by Father Christmas and his elves to class bubbles, and the creation of a magical winter wonderland outdoors instead of in the main hall as usual.

Children have also enjoyed their class parties in all age groups and a hearty Christmas dinner.

Teacher Olivia Wheatley said the Reception class little ones had a fantastic time. She said: “As well as dancing their socks off at their party, our very young children enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner (even the Brussels sprouts) with their friends, delivered by Santa and his elf, as well as a trip to the grotto which left them wide-eyed and full of festive fun.”

Mr Stokes added: “Our children have enjoyed so many memorable happy moments thanks to our marvellous staff who have created a range of festive fun learning events and Christmas celebrations.

“It has been a magnificent effort by everyone and we have shared something truly important, even more so this year, and that is the wonderful indefatigable spirit of our Newington community.”