Plea to find missing parrot Molly

Missing Molly

Can you help find missing Molly, an Amazon orange winged parrot, who went missing from Birchington yesterday (December 10).

Mum Lucy Hughes is hoping readers can help track down the missing bird that flew off from Ingoldsby Road at about 11am.

Lucy said her children are sad and missing Molly, especially as they also lost their dog due to poisoning earlier this year.

Molly is seven months old. Lucy and her family have had her for around two months.

Call 07922 587 877 with any sightings.


  1. phyllis why don’t you shut up? if I care fore for animals more than people, people like you are the reason for it obviously you have never owned a pet no wonder you are so cold, and if you have owned one I bet you was glad when it died

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