Police appeal for witnesses to assault on Sandwich Bypass

Sandwich Bypass image google maps

Police investigating the assault of a motorist on the Sandwich Bypass are appealing for further witnesses.

On Friday, October 9, a white Range Rover and a blue Fiat Panda were being driven along the A256, Sandwich Bypass, at around 5.15pm when both vehicles came to a stop at the point where the road narrows from two lanes to one.

After the cars had come to a standstill the driver of the Fiat Panda reported being assaulted. He was kicked in the hip and punched twice in the face before the white Range Rover was driven away from the area.

Since this incident, officers have reviewed available video footage and spoken to both drivers along with a witness. However it is believed there may be other motorists who drove past the incident on that day with information vital to their enquiries.

Anyone that travelled along the Sandwich Bypass at that time, who can recall seeing this incident and who hasn’t already spoken to police, is urged to call 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/181500/20.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or visiting www.crimestoppers-uk.org


  1. This happened on October 9th, today is December 8th. I couldn’t resist noticing how much quicker Kent Police Farce are now getting at responding to crime, or even asking for witnesses,it’s only been eight weeks on this occasion.

  2. Kent police have only recently shown it took them 33 years to find charge a man for the murder of two young women in Tonbridge Wells. ( he has not been tried in court yet so is innocent until proven otherwise ) I know Science has advanced over the years but even so 33 years??? Surely something or someone must have been in the frame earlier. The chillingden murders are another case Michael Stone was no angel but he has always protested his innocence it was reported that there was no Scientific evidence in the wood where the terrible crimes we’re committed. I find that hard to believe. Lievi Belfield was a serial killer and evil he seems the most likely one to have committed that sort of crime. However the police had made their minds up it was Stone and the jury’s were under the obligation to find him guilty. The police are like any other organisation NHS ,social workers, teachers, some are excellent in the work they do others maybe not so much. I think it depends on who works on a case if someone is caught or not. Also the volume of jobs the police get in we never hear much about that.. The Crimewatch program on BBC used to be very good but they took it off air because it was showing too many faces of the same kind and the BBC is run by snowflakes to allow that to continue.

    • Yes I agree, but if that ever came to pass it would show how useless Kent police and the justice system are I remember the Ramsgate jeweller who was jailed for robbing his own shop. He was found guilty , it later came to light the police had planned the robbery because the jeweller was seeing a policeman’s wife. The man was released eventually and paid compensation.

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