Campaigners pledge to save the Duke Street Sycamore tree

Campaigners want to save the Duke Street tree Photo Frank Leppard

Some 40 residents have taken part in a demonstration to protect a sycamore tree in Margate Old Town against being felled.

Campaigners gathered in Duke Street yesterday (December 5) to plan how to protect the tree, on a plot of land which was previously considered for a community garden.

It was one of two plots that were earmarked as garden sites under a Countdown to Turner scheme in 2011.

However despite a spend of £7,881 on design, consultation and soil sample for the site and another at Cobbs Place, the gardens did not come to fruition.

Photo Clive Emson auctions

The Duke Street site eventually went to auction as part of the council’s asset disposal programme in 2017 and was bought for an astonishing £270,000, way above the £70,000 guide price. The site formed part of a larger redevelopment scheme known as the Queen’s Arms Yard.

Residents Tony Wait, Chris Wilson and Dosh Archer Photo Frank Leppard

An application was lodged with Thanet council in November 2017 to build a shop and seven flats on the ‘scrubland’ at Duke Street. This was approved in June 2018, with some amendments.

But environmental campaigners say the building plans will mean the destruction of one of the Old Town’s only trees.

The permission is for the erection of a four storey building with four, one-bedroom and one, two-bedroom flats along with retail on the ground floor.

Now the plot is back up for auction, with the planning permission, for a whopping guide price of £280,000-£300,000.

An approval letter for the scheme does not forbid the felling of the tree although this cannot be done while nesting birds are present.

How it could look

The letter says: “The applicant is reminded that, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended (section 1 ), it is an offence to remove, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built.

“Planning consent for a development does not provide a defence against prosecution under this act. Trees and scrub are likely to contain nesting birds between 1st March and 31st August inclusive.

“Trees and scrub are present on the application site and are to be assumed to contain nesting birds between the above dates, unless a recent survey has been undertaken by a competent ecologist to assess the nesting bird activity on site during this period and has shown it is absolutely certain that nesting birds are not present.”

Photo Frank Leppard

A Thanet Trees spokesperson said: “Thanet District Council spent a vast amount of money on consultancy fees with local residents before deciding to sell the land at auction as part of their ongoing asset disposal.

“The land was sold for a hugely elevated price, even though it then had no agreement for planning. Planning has since been approved to build a carbuncle. This was despite over 40 objections from concerned locals. This heinous design will be an eyesore in a Conservation Area and will require the felling of one of only trees in Margate Old Town, and by far the largest one.

“It is visible over the rooftops from Margate seafront and provides a value mature ecosystem and habitat for wildlife, including migrating birds in urgent need of a safe haven to land after their passage across the sea, bats -which are protected and love sycamore trees- and insects.

Photo Frank Leppard

“We are in the middle of a biodiversity emergency, with over half our wildlife lost in the past 50 years. Mature habitats are the UK’s amazon, and we must treasure them. Saplings can never replace mature habitats and mature trees.

“The preservation status of this tree was not even considered in the planning application that was passed and we query whether this is legal.  Thanet Trees demand that this tree is saved, that TDC is held accountable for poor planning decisions and the ongoing felling of mature trees. We demand that TDC acts now to uphold its lofty Climate and Biodiversity Emergency promises.

“Members of Thanet Trees and Margate Old Town residents pledge to do all we can to save the Duke Street Sycamore.”

The site goes under the hammer with Clive Emson auctioneers on December 16.

To get involved find Thanet Trees on facebook here


  1. Is this in a Conservation area? If so then TDC must consider it’s protection on merits when a development is announced that would cause damage to branches or roots. Not to do so would be a crime.

  2. The council won’t prevent it coming down , look at the Orbit development in cliftonville, the councils own actions when it came to hedge trimming and most recently ellington park. And as noted above sycamore is not a native species and this particular tree isin effect a weed that grew by accident, it has no context in its surroundings.

  3. The proposed block of flats was granted permission in 2018. There is not a single comment by residents on the planning application site. Why has it taken so long for Thanet Trees to protest?

    Sycamores,as well as being invasive, are a field tree. Perhaps the developers should be required to plant another tree, preferably a native species, somewhere else in Margate.

  4. If it’s a conservation area why did TDC let a weed non native tree grow there ? Needs coming down to be in line with the conservation area. Weed tree etc shouldnt be there.

  5. Although ‘non-native’ (like rabbits!) as the Romans are believed to have introduced the Sycamore tree, it is certainly a long term resident tree species…

  6. Looks like usual lazy crap from TDC ‘planners’ – ugly block drawn with a ruler, easier to let it through than challenge it, no consideration for character and place. Don’t know about the tree, looks out of place and unkempt.
    There is a real underlying problem with TDC planning department – either too many people been there too long to be bothered anymore or they live out of district and don’t care – either way it needs a shake up.

  7. Some of the locals obviously hate non-native trees almost as much as they hate non-native people. Sycamores are beautiful trees, and far less prone to dying from disease than natives such as Elm, Ash and Horse Chestnut.

    • A tad ironic that the elm and ash were/are being destroyed by foreign invaders. Without doubt there some superb specimens of sycamore . This particular example is not one of them. Its no mre than a weed that’s grown for too long.

    • A sycamore can be a nice tree but not in a built up area. Sycamore covers everything with its sticky ‘sap’ making any seats near it unusable, houses covered in it, you cant use your garden to sit in, because it covers everything sap. Dirt than sticks to the sap making everywhere look dirty. It isnt the right tree for that area. Now if it was a nice oak etc I would want it saving, but this is a self seeded tree, never been looked after, it’s just a scrub/ weed tree.

    • Sycamores are usually beautiful trees but the middle of a town is not a suitable place for one unless it’s in a sizeable park.

  8. I would urge people who are keen on trees to join the Woodland Trust; and those keen on Kent’s wildlife to volunteer with Kent Wildlife Trust.
    Do something positive.

  9. Why don’t people just chip in together, buy a field and create a huge woodland lung for Thanet, one tree won’t do anything ?

    • Because no-one is going to sell land for a reasonable price when wealthy developers are queueing up to concrete over it.

  10. Just to take the pee, on a local new development the estate was called oakwood corner so what did they do they planted a pine tree, idiots, still I suppose it is a tree so must not complain

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