Chilton little ones explore autumn in mini adventure ramble

Nature walk for Chilton youngsters

A nature ramble through autumn’s golden colours was the perfect way for children to explore the richness of the season at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

Discovering lots of windblown leaves and acorns as they explored the wooded areas in the school grounds was outdoor learning in action for Year 1 boys and girls.

Their mini adventure, armed with worksheets and information packs, was the introduction to their latest topic Weather Around The World.

The link into learning came via collecting found objects that they could use to create artwork, inspired by artist Andrew Goldsworthy who is noted for his creations using a similar process with natural materials.

Assistant Head Hannah Cheshire, who is Early Years and Key Stage 1 lead, said: “We wanted the children to get outside and look for signs of seasonal change which is part of the topic.

“They examined the colours, shapes and sizes of the leaves, the type of weather it was on that day, the temperature – everything about their outdoor environment. It is a perfect way to understand and experience what they are studying.

“In the coming weeks they will also learn about seasonal changes and weather patterns in England and how weather patterns are different around the world.

“Pupils will also examine the adaptations that plants and animals around the world make to survive and thrive in the weather they grow in.”

The children clearly loved their outdoor learning. One said: “Autumn is my favourite season. I love the pretty leaves. They are so colourful,” while another classmate agreed and added: “It is great fun visiting our forest school. We found acorns and pine cones.”

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