BBC Christmas sitcom scenes filmed at Walpole Bay

BBC filming at Walpole Bay Photo Carl Hudson

Filming for BBC comedy Pandemonium has been taking place by the Walpole Bay tidal pool.

The programme is a one-off episode due to be screened next month on BBC One.

The sitcom follows  a family who decide to travel to Margate to have their summer holiday in December.

Photo Carl Hudson

The Jessops have been hit hard by the pandemic with finances and future plans ruined and a holiday of a lifetime to California abandoned. The trip to Margate is a last ditch attempt to get some quality time in 2020.

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The comedy is one of a number of new festive specials being created for the BBC. It stars Katherine Parkinson (Defending the Guilty, The IT Crowd) as Rachel, Jim Howick (Sex Education, Ghosts) as Paul, Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey, Hold the Sunset) as Sue, Tom Basen (After Life, Plebs) as Robin and Tori Allen-Martin (Pure, Unforgotten) as Cherry.


  1. I adore Alison Steadman (she was brilliant in the recent ’23 Walks’ film), but I’m not so sure that all these people coming and going from a Covid hotspot is such a great idea.

    • Oh, it’s the BBC…. give that a miss then. Full of posh bloke’s and birds with absolutely no talent. Gets more like chav TV every day.

  2. Isn’t it great they people are coming to Thanet to film? COVID hotspot? Maybe but this is because nobody pays a blind bit of notice to the rules here – we only have the daft few to blame.

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