New alert after pupil using bus services receives positive Covid test

Bus services

Another alert has been issued to students after a pupil who travelled on Stagecoach buses received a positive Covid test.

St George’s school has sent a message to parents and carers to say the student from another school had used the number 34 bus on Thursday and Friday (November 19-20).

The school says youngsters who used the buses at the same times will need to self isolate.

The bus times for both days were:

8.05am from Marine Terrace Margate to Westwood Road (Asda) Broadstairs

3.50pm Westwood Road to Marine Terrace

Youngsters affected will need to isolate, returning to school on Monday, December 7.


  1. It’s easy and understandable to agree with Martin ref School closure.
    There is nothing I would like better than to restrict movement to bring this awful disease under control.
    But how many parents would then have to stop work.
    The effect on their finance could be devastating and of course the economy.
    If only people including students would act responsibly,this disease would end much much quicker.

    • At the moment, various cohorts of children are being sent home at various times. Parents have to react very quickly to try to make arrangements for child care – in the current situation that usually means taking time off work.
      If schools were closed, then everyone would know where they were, and a transmission route for virus spread would be shut down.
      Because schools are open, the virus is (obviously) still spreading, and parents are having to relatively take time off, so they’re no better off in the long run.

      • Every time there is a report of a school child or year with a positive case you get the SHUT THE SCHOOLS DOWN comments – Easy for most of the people who make these comments as I bet they either don’t have kids, or if do have someone of looking after them if they were off school.

        People blaming schools for the spread as well is due to limited information because papers are only reporting when schools have a case, they are not reporting how many cases are in care homes, hospitals, general settings. I know this information is not easy to find but my sister works in care homes and she has told me that over the last week its been reported around 100 cases in nursing homes (Staff and residence) wonder what that is compared to school cases.

        Also my childs school has has cases but it reported 1 case in a class and they all self isolate it is not then said that all the other 25 or more children in that class have got it so are they really spreading it, if they were cases would be a lot higher.

        • If the schools were closed and virus infections dropped there would be less areas in the higher tiers. Which would benefit the economy, probably in the long term it would be cheaper for the government to pay for child care.

          • Martin, It is NOT just schools this is spreading!!! Most of the time its 1 case in a class then they need to isolate that class, it doesn’t then seem the other 20 odd children test positive or have symptoms, so were did that 1st child catch it from? that’s what needs to be found out, stop the source stop the virus pretty simple really. Did that childs parent pass it to them, do they work in a setting that puts them and family at risk so on and so on

  2. I know it is very complexed. Non compliance with the rules are probably to blame for this bloody mress we are all in. That includes Children and the general population.

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