Determination at Newington primary despite another Year bubble closure due to Covid

Newington head teacher Cliff Stokes

Year 6 pupils at Newington primary in Ramsgate are isolating until December 4 after a pupil tested positive for Covid.

The class closure is the advised procedure for managing the potential spread of the virus in common with schools across the UK.

The latest bubble closure, which parents and carers were notified of on Monday evening, means some eight classes across the school have had to isolate at different times.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “We have had a rolling programme of closures for the past three weeks which has resulted in eight classes having to self-isolate at different times.

“We are proactive in encouraging families to adhere to the guidance we should all be following. For example, this morning we had four members of staff holding boards in the playground giving out the vital messages around staying safe.”

But the primary is staying determined in the face of the ongoing pandemic and Mr Stokes praised the way the school community is continually adapting and managing its response to ensure the safest possible environment for delivering its highly-rated learning programmes to all year groups.

In his latest regular newsletter to families, Mr Stokes highlights the importance of celebrating the “incredible positives within our school community.”

He wrote: “With the distraction of a global pandemic it would be very easy for our teachers to offer a reduced or ‘stripped back’ curriculum as hygiene procedures and keeping your children safe remain at the top of our agenda.

“However, the enthusiasm and determination of our staff has meant that even in these times of ‘unknown’, they have continued in their mission to ensure that every day is spent being challenged, learning new things and bringing excitement into classrooms.

“In response to this our children have reacted as they always do – with grit, zest and an absolute love of learning.”

Mr Stokes also thanked parents for their understanding and support, and outlined the way that home learning is helping keep pupils engaged with their education while in isolation.

He added: “Whatever may come our way, we will respond the same way as ever; with calm, communication and the safety and well-being of the children at the heart of everything we do.”