Year 1 pupil Harrison gets litter picking after being inspired by environment lesson

Harrison on his litter pick

An important message at Ramsgate Arts Primary that ‘caring for the environment never stops’ inspired Year 1 pupil Harrison to pick up litter on the way home.

Armed with protective gloves and bin bags, he set about his task.

His mum said: “He really enjoyed learning about the environment and is concerned about how litter is bad for the environment and the animals. So he decided we needed to do some litter picking on the way home. He’s clearly very engaged in the subject.”

Deputy Head of School Hanna Beech praised Harrison’s initiative and added: “The fact that Harrison has taken this learning beyond the classroom to make a positive change in his local area can be an inspiration to us all, showing us that small actions can have a big impact.”

She explained how RAPS develops awareness and understanding of all aspects of sustainability and recycling: “Our school community values caring for the environment to ensure there is healthy and happy world for future generations to enjoy.

“For this reason, our curriculum is rich with opportunities for pupils to learn about the impact that humans have on the environment from their early days in Reception up to Year 6.

“We believe that if we can help young people understand environmental damage, they can take conscious decisions and actions to protect the planet.

“From learning about the basics of recycling to understanding renewable energies, by the time our pupils leave in year six they do so with a strong foundational knowledge of how to look after our world and, crucially, why this is so important.

“Our teaching of environmental issues is cohesive and progressive. When our pupils leave us in Year 6 they have developed the knowledge and awareness they need to make informed choices about how they might contribute towards a thriving community.”

Harrison’s teacher Jess Barnes described the work Year 1 are currently doing about the environment including making posters to promote recycling.

She said: “Our topic this term is ‘materials everywhere’ – man-made and natural materials. We are examining how rubbish (especially man-made materials) can damage our environment particularly for creatures living in the sea and on the land. We know man-made materials do not break down like natural materials and we discussed how we can help by recycling what we use to look after our natural world.

“The children know that recycling is making something new from rubbish. They made promotional posters and they even had a go at writing an information text to let people know more about the issue.

“Harrison was inspired by our topic lessons, particularly about the poor animals in our environment.”

Throughout their time at RAPS, pupils have the opportunity to learn about the environment in each year group ranging from recycling and litter, through the impact of humans on the environment, deforestation, climate change, pollution conservations, fair trade and renewable and non-renewable energy.

Diversity, ecology and the environment has also been ongoing themes from collaborative community projects by RAPS with The National Gallery, Turner Contemporary Gallery, Dreamland Margate, plus visiting artists and arts leaders in music, drama and dance.


  1. What a lovely little man.If only the majority,or even a small minority,had the same attitude.Your mum must be so proud of you.
    Please don’t change your attitude.There are a few of us about.Sadly,the majority are feckless,selfish polluters.

  2. This is such a good example to show others, even adults who are litter bugs. The school should expand on this as it is all so important to take care of our environment at large and at home.

    Good lad Harrison and his mum to take the time to show the initiative, well done.

    Just be so careful as there are needles lying about in places you wouldn’t expect. Leave those for adults who have special needle boxes for them to go.

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