Woman arrested and bailed in connection with crash that left Birchington mum with a broken neck

Amy was taken to William Harvey Hospital

A woman has been arrested, and bailed, in connection with a crash that resulted in a Birchington mum suffering broken neck and pelvis and spine injuries.

Amy Taylor, 34, was injured in the three vehicle collision in Shottendane Road, Birchington, at 7pm on November 1.

One driver, said to be a woman who had a child with her, left the scene.

A police search, assisted by the coastguard helicopter, was carried out but the woman was not found.

Mum-of-one Amy was blue-lighted to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford after being freed from her car. She is now recovering at home after two weeks in hospital but faces months of recuperation.

A 25-year-old woman from Birchington was arrested today (November 23) in connection with the collision. She has been bailed until Tuesday 15 December.


  1. No chance now of a breathalyser now, or test for other substances, or her identity. An accident is one thing, running away and leaving the victim trapped is another. Mustn’t pre-judge, I guess.

  2. This cold callous woman deserves nothing less than a lengthy jail sentence. Anyone who causes a serious accident and then walks away leaving someone trapped in a car with a broken neck is utter scum.

    What kind of role model is this pathetic excuse of a woman to her kid. She deserves to named , shamed and then jailed. Hope Amy gets through this.

  3. Another serious crash on shottendane road last friday evening leaving drivers taken to hospital and new cars written off.
    Hope this lady recovers well.

  4. Can we not judge here please, no-one knows the circumstances , she may have been high on drugs or been drinking or just scared and had to escape , there was two other vehicles involved she may have been the cause of the RTA or maybe not.
    It is an offence to leave an accident so may have done a runner knowing someone would phone for help.

    • Everything you’ve written here puts her in a worse place: high on drugs, left the scene of the accident, and so on. We shouldn’t prejudge, you’re right, but we have enough knowledge of what happened to demand some kind of justice in the name of the poor victim, Amy. Get better soon, Amy.

    • Seriously, leaves the scene of an accident, if she’d taken any interest in what happened will know she was being sought , but its 3 weeks until either police found her or she handed herself in. Sorry you get judged by your actions and hers are appalling. But at end of the day as she’s got a kid, she won’t get the prison sentence she deserves ( just for leaving the scene and not contacting police within 24 hours) no chance of proving or disproving any involve,ent of drink/drugs so i’d take the view that she effectively refused to give a specimen and be treated accordingly.
      And thats before any accident investigation decides who was at fault. But the way society has gone even if she was high on crack and vodka, driving a dangerous untaxed vehicle, no insurance or licence. She could probably plead that her kid was upset from the deathof the families beloved goldfish and that she needs the car to visit its burial plot to relieve her anxiety and she’d walk away with a slap on the wrist and an army of social workers to look after her. Meanwhile the victim has a long recovery ahead .
      Though of course it could be all in reverse , but working out what really did happen has been hampered by the actions of the person that left the scene.

      • First I hope you are getting a lot better . When I posted I was keeping an open mind not knowing the circumstaces and I am sorry.
        In this case she should be locked away and the key thrown away. She should not have left the secne for whatever reason .

        Hope you make a full recovery

  5. Shottendane Road is clearly dangerous and the authorities should be looking at ways urgently to reduce the risk of there being any more serious accidents. For example, what’s the speed limit on this road?

    • Doesn’t matter what the speed limit is, by definition its a limit and not a goal that should be achieved. The idea of driving is that you do so in a safe manner, which again by definition means that you drive at a speed suitable for the conditions. This endless fixation of negating every risk ny more restrictions in life is just infantilising society. Why not expect people to think and behave responsibly and when they don’t punish them in accordance for the harm they do.

  6. Hi I’m Amy I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words and and get well wishes. I would like to make it known I did not cause the accident I was the car moving along Manston road and she pulled into my drivers door my car then spun and was hit by another car travelling in the opposite direction. I am getting better everyday thanks to the treatment I received at William Harvey and ongoing physio. I have a long way to go and I’m happy that they found her had I been the cause of the accident it would be in trouble not the girl that I screamed at not to leave me and waved as she left I have to do an I.D parade as she went no comment just to add insult to injury. My mum also lives other end of Manston road which is why I was travelling on it not to avoid cctv like some have claimed. Thank you again to the nice people with hearts of gold and decency they’re hard to find nowadays in this world.

    • Hi Amy we are all pleased you are getting better. You will never recover from the mental part , I had a car pull out on me at Queensgate Road about 30 years ago , it was a Volkswangan Beatle . I was driving a Ford Seria at 20 MPH if that along Park Road , there was no time to hit the breaks , The driver tried to drive off but another car stopped him. Every road i come to now i think is that car going to pull out. Good luck with the ID parade as they line people up that look the same , all happens so quick , one not be able to identfy the person 100% , not even you, if unsure , walk back and forth and look each one in their eyes then you will no.
      If you have taken legal cover on your insurance (mine cost me £36 this year) then it costs you nothing and can claim up to 1 Million but the usual payout is about £20,000 .

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