Christmas ‘bubbles’ agreed ‘for small number of days’

Relaxation of restrictions for Christmas

Family and friend bubbles will be permitted over the Christmas period following a meeting between ministers across the UK.

The government says ministers reiterated the importance of allowing families and friends to meet in a careful and limited way, while recognising that this will not be a normal festive period and the risks of transmission remain very real.

They have agreed some limited additional household bubbling for a small number of days, but also emphasised that the public will be advised to remain cautious, and that wherever possible people should avoid travelling and minimise social contact.

Work is continuing to finalise the arrangements, including relating to travel. The UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive hope to conclude details this week, subject to agreement by each administration.


  1. Expect a 2 month lockdown and massive death toll afterwards! Far better to put Christmas meetings on hold for a few more months.

  2. I just hope that the government isn’t pinning all its hopes on a vaccine. Until there is an abundant supply and take up of an effective vaccine, CV is still with us. And while it’s still with us, the only way to keep in check in any way, shape or form is to have a form of lockdown.
    I think the government(s) are making a huge mistake, and once again sending out the wrong signals.
    It will all end in tears.

  3. Australia have a dozen cases and shut a city down. The UK have 20000 cases a day and are opening up again. Absolute maddnes what is wrong with the Government?

  4. It appears that a lot of people in Thanet don’t care weather we are in lockdown or not, it’s impossible to educate the lowlifes that infest the grimy streets of this hello hole we live in.

    • I wonder where Abc lives? Sounds like a stuck up !!!! I live in Thanet and my street is not full of dogs mess or garbage on the street, I have various NHS staff, plumbers, builders most with own businesses, retired people and yes most likely unemployed and no I don’t live on an expensive street (yes Thanet has places were houses are worth a lot and as the same with most places, parts that are less desirable

  5. In Medway it is now possible to report online any businesses and shops that break Covid rules. Will we get that in Thanet?

  6. Look at the state of Margate and Cliftonville seafronts, look at the roads leading away from Cecil Sq, look at Northdown Road, the place is the pits, tell me it’s a clean and healthy environment for people to live

    • Where did you buy your rose tinted glasses Marva because some areas of Thanet are not as pleasant as you seem to think I have lived in Thanet for sixty years and it has certainly changed and not for the good either .A lot of people just do not care about the state of the area where they live.

  7. I live in Margate but spend all my exercise time in walking the coast of Westgate to minnis bay.
    I refuse to get my shoes dirty walking in Margate which is a shame, my family have lived here for generations going back to at least 1610 at the last search.

    • And in that time has your family done anything to try and improve the area or just moaned about it since 1610 I wonder, If you don’t like where you live 3 options, 1. Try and help in some way to improve it. 2. Move or 3. Shut up about it if not willing to do the 1st 2. I hate people that moan about Thanet yet do nothing to even try and help. even simple things join a litter picking group or groups that are looking to improve the area some other way

        • OK maybe not blame forefathers but change doesn’t happen over night its historic so we can blame previous generations to a degree, people blame the cheap spanish holiday on the downfall of coastal towns, yet the people that live there allow the change and accept the change until its to late and then just moan about the change, Thanet has plenty of shocking places, but it also has plenty going for it and those need supporting, how many times have I seen people moan about Dreamland yet most likely the same people who would be moaning if it was shut and house built on the land, people moan for the sake of moaning yet do nothing to help and that is the problem, to many people want someone else to do it for them or have it handed to them and that has got worse over time, and that is not just a Thanet problem

  8. Oh for goodness sake Abc . Don’t you ever notice anything which isn’t filthy, covered in dogshit and rubbish, choked in weeds…?

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