Alert sent out over bus services used by youngster who has had positive Covid test


An alert has been sent out to parents and carers that a youngster who has tested positive for Covid had been using several bus services on the isle.

Those who used the same service on Friday, November 13 have been told they will need to isolate until November 27.

The bus services are

932 at 8.10am from College Road Margate to Birchington

34 at 3.35pm from Canterbury Road Birchington to Cecil Square Margate

32 4pm Cecil Square to College Road Margate

St George’s CofE School and Dane Court has alerted parents/carers for its students to say children using those 3 services will need to stay at home, returning to school on Monday, November 30.

A similar alert sent out by Chatham & Clarendon Grammar was withdrawn but bus operator Stagecoach says deep cleans are taking place.

A spokesman said: “Our information is that these were the buses used by pupils on Friday from (King) Ethelbert’s School that subsequently tested positive for COVID.

“Each bus has been subject to routine and thorough daily sanitation on each day since then, but we’re also taking the precaution of bringing forward the standard deep internal cleans on each of these buses which will be carried out today.”

If you are unsure whether the isolation applies to your child, check with their school.


  1. Every time I see a local bus it’s easy to see that lots of passengers are not wearing face coverings. It’s not just the kids it’s also the local chavs.

    Yes, deep cleaning a bus will help but what’s the point all the while there selfish pricks sitting behind you not wearing masks and coughing and spluttering over you ?

    Thanet needs enforcement. Perhaps people would be more inclined to think of others and wear masks and social distance if there was a real threat of a financial penalty hanging over then.

    • The problem is, many of those refusing to wear masks would not have the money to pay the fine, so wouldn’t care about a financial penalty as they just wouldn’t pay it.

      I don’t buy the idea also that some people can’t wear them because of medical issues, they are hardly suffocating you by wearing them. It should be straight forward, no mask, no entry to any shops or public services. If you really can’t wear a mask, which is very hard to believe then you should be able to get a document from the gov website or your doctor excusing you from wearing one, if you don’t have this document you have to wear a mask.

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