Vandals rip down fencing at Memorial Rec playground in Broadstairs

Fencing ripped down at Memorial Rec Nov 2020Photo Irene Hoskins

Vandals have ripped down all the fencing at the newly refurbished Memorial Rec in Broadstairs.

The damage was discovered this morning by a Broadstairs mum who was visiting the playground with her four-year-old son.

The little lad’s nan said: “The whole of the fencing has been vandalised so there is no enclosed area. My grandson has autism and sometimes bolts away so he needs to have a secure area where he can play, my daughter-in-law has to keep an eye on him all the time. When they saw the fencing had been ripped down they had to go home again.”

Thanet district councillor Ruth Bailey said she was outraged about the damage and has again appealed to the local authority to have CCTV at the site.

She said: “I am absolutely fuming to hear of this wanton destruction in one of our newly refurbished playgrounds in Broadstairs. It appears that the newly installed equipment has not been affected but the surrounding fence has been pulled down and smashed up. “These vandals were children once themselves and would have used this playground and very likely have younger siblings that still make use of it.

“It is sad and disgraceful that they seem oblivious to the provision of this playground for the enjoyment of others.

“ I have reported the damage to Thanet council and once again asked for the provision of CCTV at this park.

“ If nearby, or passing, residents witness any anti-social behaviour in the park I would urge them to phone the police if it is ongoing or report to 101 online if the event has already occurred.

“The more reports there are the greater the likelihood of an increased foot patrol by the local PCSO.”

Memorial Rec was one of five Thanet play areas to have refurbishment, with works carried out from September.

The planning of the upgrades began in July 2019, with feedback from local councillors and residents on the new playground designs.

The Memorial Rec site was almost doubled in size with the addition of new outdoor fitness equipment.


  1. Some time ago I drafted a Community Facilities Act which would make it illegal and heavily penalised to damage facilites available to everyone, whoever provides them.

    • Sounds like a great idea (though strange that you feel the need to hide your ID to tell us that?). Hope the culprit(s) are caught soon!

  2. Why can’t one of the houses take part in a pilot scheme to monitor the play ground or put cctv run up from the alley way that meets Carlton avenue

  3. Complete disgrace! More police patrols in Broadstairs and st peters is vital that stop this mindless vandalism.

  4. There should be a 10p reward fund that every council taxpayers pay with their tax each month. When any acts of vandalism takes place a reward of £1000 should be offered for information leading to catching those morons responsible so they can be brought before the courts.

  5. I’d love to catch these pointless waste of oxygen scumbags at it . I’d show them what vandalism feels like.
    Thanet inbreds
    Clearly never gonna be anything in life.
    This is all they know.
    Cause problems for everyone.
    A culling Well over due

  6. No surprise, i have had to phone police a few times this year because of anti social behaviour in the park. Noise, a fire, drugs to which they responded twice but nothing was done. I asked the operator on 101 if anyone else had called and she told me only one other since January. If every decent person did something rather than just moan to each other or turn a blind eye, maybe the authorities would supply regular patrols or CCTV. These idiots will drive the decent people of Broadstairs away from the park.

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