PJs for Pudsey at Chilton Primary School

Pudsey fun at Chilton

PJs for Pudsey was the charity rallying cry at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

This year’s fundraiser for Children in Need saw hundreds of boys and girls don their favourite nightwear as part of the non-uniform day.

There were a range of outfits on show across all year groups – and the staff joined in with some colourful costumes too.

There were lots of yellow Pudsey bear full body outfits, while pink tops featuring Blush the bear were also popular.

Spotty trousers, bows, head bans, hair accessories and Pudsey bears were a favourite, while there was also a strong collection of other pyjamas to been seen.

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These ranged from bright and bold to soft and pastel shades – and superhero costumes were a powerful addition including Captain America and Spiderman.

As well as Pudsey fun, which included themed activities including colouring and artwork, children were also reminded that the core reason for fund raising was to support boys and girls less fortunate than themselves.

Head of School Kate Law said: “It was a perfect parade of PJs for Pudsey.

“As ever, our children and staff really entered into the spirit of the occasion and as well as having a great day of fun learning, we also considered those who desperately rely on the crucial work of Children in Need, more so this year due to the far-reaching effects of the pandemic.”

The non-uniform PJs day raised £456.76 for the charity, which is one of Chilton’s fundraisers held throughout the year.