Holy Trinity and St John’s pupils create beautiful Remembrance display

Holy Trinity and St John’s CEP School pupils and their Remembrance display

Year 3 pupils at Holy Trinity and St John’s CEP School in Margate have created a stunning Remembrance display to mark Armistice.

Each year group also took part in learning about Remembrance and creating  art work and pieces of writing.

Year 3 teacher and history leader Emma Davison said: “As a school we have been commemorating Remembrance through a variety of different activities, from art and poetry to Design Technology.

“The children in Year 3 wanted to create something that all of the HTSJ community could enjoy. This includes not only the pupils but parents, staff, visitors and the wider local community too.

“During this unprecedented time, it is important that we have something that makes us feel as though can all come together to be thankful for all of the people that risked their lives for us. We hope that our display of poppies on the school bank will put a smile on the faces of the people in our community.”

The school community could not  gather this year for the normal Remembrance service but joined together virtually at 11am and held two minutes silence. This was followed by one of the Year 6 pupils reading the Ode of Remembrance.

The school Facebook site (https://www.facebook.com/HTSJCEP) has photos for every year group.