Ten public toilets in Thanet have been shut due to ‘lockdown’ and rising Covid rates

Public toilets

Thanet council has closed 10 of the 20 public toilets normally open during the winter months.

The authority says this is in response to increased Covid-19 infection rates and the second national ‘lockdown’ currently in place.

The 10 toilets that remain open have been selected to ensure that each area of the district has at least one facility for customers of essential businesses and those who are exercising. The closure also allows the remaining toilets to be cleaned more frequently – four times a day – to help minimise the transmission of the virus.

The following toilets will continue to open daily and will receive additional cleaning. Disabled facilities accessible with a RADAR key are available at each of these locations.

ALPHA ROAD CAR PARK – Birchington 08:00 – 17:00

STATION ROAD – Westgate 08:00 – 17:30

BUENOS AYRES – Margate 08:00 – 16:30

THE CENTRE – Margate 08:00 – 18:00

HAROLD ROAD – Cliftonville 08:00 – 15:40

CAVENDISH STREET – Ramsgate 08:00 – 18:00

EAST PIER YARD – Ramsgate 08:00 – 16:25

CROFTS PLACE – Broadstairs 08:00 – 17:25

BROADSTAIRS HARBOUR- Broadstairs 08:00 – 16:55

HOPEVILLE AVENUE – St Peters 08:00 – 15:45

The closures will be reviewed at the end of the current national lockdown.


  1. So it’s more hygienic for people to p*ss behind bushes and then have nowhere to wash their hands afterwards instead? This obviously just an excuse to make further cut-backs (particularly disappointed to see the toilets at Minster closed – it’s a long walk to Ramsgate to take a leak!). Incidentally, has anyone seen these supposed Covid Wardens in Westgage or Birchington as promised? I’ve been to the shops at the busiest times but haven’t seen anyone.

  2. Bloody silly closing the toilets, people have to go to the loo and ofcourse at the moment no pubs , cafes etc are open so there’s no alternative , come on Thanet council , the rules from the government this time are to keep the Loos open , it’s on the gov website ! You’re either doing it to save money or you’re hoping to fine people for urinating in public ( behind a tree obviously).

  3. It’s nothing to do with rising covid rates and nothing to do with lockdown. If it was they would have closed all the toilets. It’s about saving money. The type of desperate action you would see from a council that are on the brink of bankruptcy.

    TDC try and market Thanet as a year round tourist destination and this greets visitors when they are out for a walk. It just repeats their bizarre toilet closures during the first lockdown and is a complete disgrace.

    I have previously emailed TDC Councillors about this but, rather predictably, got no answer at all.

  4. I swear the people of Thanet have serious bladder problems. We’ve all been told to only go out if it is essential so the need for toilet access should be minimal. Do everyone a favour and invest in a pack of nappies OR just hold it till you get home like most of us do. Moan, moan, moan for the sake of moaning!

    • Actually, some of us DO have bladder problems – I should know, as does my doctor! Just doing a hour’s exercise results in the need for a loo once or twice.

      Do you tell people in wheelchairs who can’t get in shops or blind people trying to cross a road that they’re “moaning”? Fact is (as others have pointed out), even government guidance is that public toilets should remain open. TDC need to get their priorities right.

      • We’re in a pandemic. Exercise closer to home then. It’s not rocket science. I’m surprised you need the toilet so much considering the amount of time you spend sh*tting on TDC. You are a grown adult so use your common sense and stop expecting TDC to wipe your a*se for you (pardon the pun) if it’s not toilets you are crying about it’s people parking camper vans where you live. Moan, moan, moan as usual.

        • Why should I restrict my cycling and walking because your beloved TDC can’t follow government advice and leave toilets open? As for camper vans, the occupants have been openly relieving themselves in the bushes (in full view of residents) for months. I guess you don’t have those problems in sleepy Manston…

  5. A lot of towns have automatic self cleaning stainless steel toilets that after you use them automatically clean themselves you only have to pay 10p or 20p to use that covers the cost of maintenance and soap and loo paper. The last time I suggested this some correspondents were hostile at paying shurely they can’t be that hard up the difference with these modern toilets they Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unless council’s restrict opening times a toilet should be available all the time the government said toilets should be open.

    • Many towns have these and they’re well worth the 20p , Whitstable even had a 24 hour urinal , which really is useful !

  6. Peter and Thanetian blind , you’re both soo right In what you’ve both said , toilets are classed this time Essential Business , they must be Kept Open!

  7. Exercise is good for mental health and perfectly in the rules.

    Very disappointed nothing open at Minnis.

    I agree, just penny pinching.

  8. PLEASE!! we need LOOS. No loos = no exercise = poor public health/hygiene. And easy for men to turn their backs and p…s. What about us females? Not so easy for us. Get it right!!

    • That’s very true! I usually manage to find somewhere, but it’s far more difficult for my better (female) half!

  9. Great idea to have to pay 20p for the use of a clean toilet. Just look at the ones on the quayside at Sandwich. You always used to have to pay for toilets – I remember putting a penny (the old one) in the slot of the now closed toilets at the Clock Tower all through my childhood (in the 60s!).

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