Opinion: Ramsgate Town Council clerk Richard Styles – Christmas is not cancelled

Food storage and distribution from Radford House

Here we go again for another lockdown. The second coronavirus wave has struck and we are faced with staying in or being close to home as autumn ends and winter begins.

It’s depressing and worrying for businesses, jobs and for the general wellbeing of the community.

Some of the regulations seem, on the face of it, anomalous, but if we cheat, go for a long-distance eyesight test, or congregate when we shouldn’t, not only will we be risking a fine, we may put ourselves and others at risk. We might come out OK, but others may not, and I would not that on my conscience. The choice is yours.

In the last lockdown, Ramsgate Town Council, merely shifted base and carried on. We are doing the same now.

You can still contact us by phone, by email or via our website.

The Christmas lights are going up in town and we have supported the Royal Temple Yacht club in organising the harbour lights, where small craft are decorated for Christmas.

Some activities won’t happen, like firework displays etc, because these are where crowds congregate, but Christmas is not cancelled, at least not in Ramsgate.

Harbour boat lights Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

We are making sure that everyone in Ramsgate has enough to eat this Christmas, by working with the Salvation Army, so that their food bank can cope with what we know will be an increased demand for food. Radford House is being converted yet again, into a temporary warehouse and distribution point. This will continue into the new year.

In the last lockdown we enabled all the food banks to operate at full pitch and in doing so, hauled over 100 tonnes of food into Thanet. This time we are concentrating on Ramsgate, but we are prepared for a longer-term commitment into the spring of 2021.

Our teams will still be out and about, to tidy up, to clean up, and generally make good, in Ramsgate. We get many calls for assistance and they always get a response, this will not change.

I know many of you feel anxious, concerned, and possibly angry, but now is the time when we should come together and put up with the dislocation to our lives for the good of all, and especially for the NHS. Better times are around the corner and let’s hope a vaccine may be generally available quite soon.

I am not being a Captain Pan shine, in minimising the real problems caused by these onerous personal restrictions, but the alternative is too awful to consider.


  1. Thanks for your positive and upbeat piece.
    Some of appreciate what the Town Council and its associated agencies do for our town.
    In these gloomy times, it’s a ray of sunshine.

  2. Mr Styles the £10,000 pounds you wasted on Manston Airport judicial review could have helped 6660 single parents with 2 children a £1.50 meal for 3 well done on wasting money that could have been better spent on these poor needy families.

    • If the judicial review stops the development of an airport at Manston- and therefore prevents the damage caused by aviation noise and pollution- the money spent on it will not have been wasted.

  3. I answer all polite emails, but leave the abusive ones in the bin.
    As for the JR support, that was 3 months ago and the outcome is yet to be resolved. By all means have a difference of opinion, but I think we need to move on. The Council made the decision, I do as I am instructed.
    As for feeding the needy, show me any other council doing as much. RTC has spent a lot more than £10k on supporting people in economic difficulties in Ramsgate and what’s more, last time out, we were supporting food banks throughout Thanet, so give credit, where credit is due.
    Manston will prosper or fail on straightforward economic grounds, and what RTC does or does not do, will have limited effect. Let’s wait and see, shall we, and then those who support the project can call the rest of us duffers, if it it succeeds.

  4. You wasted 10,000 pounds of our rates, on the JR! Then a few months later expect folk to pay attention to this letter, it is not how you are seen by people like me! Why do you think we are stupid!In your email 07 Nov you state Manston will prosper or fall on economic grounds, if you thought that why waste £10,000 pounds?

    • Richard Styles doesn’t make the policy. He implements it.
      The democratically elected RTC councillors did what they said they’d do: oppose the development of Manston Airport.
      Meanwhile, RTC and its staff have been working hard to make our town a better place, in all sorts of ways
      May I suggest that if you have an issue with what RTC does, then you stand at the next election?

  5. It is however how RTC is seen by people like me. Not as wasting money but doing what they were voted in for.Can you actually imagine what living under the flight path of busy cargo airport is like? No respite from noise and pollution. And not a lot of jobs. Why would anyone want that?

  6. RTC has made a difference in Ramsgate. Their during the lockdown to support residents who need help is tremendous. Well to the team at RTC and thank you. Your hard is appreciated

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