‘Red Light’ exhibition opens at former Primark in Margate tonight

Red Light exhibition

An art exhibition will open for one night tonight (November 4) at the former Primark building in Margate and then move online until it can reopen in December.

The Red Light exhibition features 12 local artists and looks at issues including human trafficking.

Artists include Phien O’Phien who recently exhibited at The Margate School with  Consider- exploring homelessness and how people become discarded like old chairs

Also featured is Tom Rattigan whose work is based on his childhood experiences and the consequences of being a cared-for-child in various Catholic institutions both in Ireland and the UK.

Profound, brutal and honest, his work is an interpretation of the role of the Catholic Church and its endeavour to hide the facts about the mass unconsecrated graves in the grounds of many industrial schools and mother and baby homes, including the 790 skeleton remains of babies between the ages of one-day and three years old which were found inside a 20 chamber cesspit in Tuam Ireland.

One of his art installation depicts an alter with children’s shoes on the top of it, leaving a space underneath for those people who wish to view the exhibition and take part in finishing off the piece by bringing along a pair of children’s shoes to add to the piece.

The exhibition is opens at 7.30pm and runs until 10pm tonight.