Distress for volunteers after vandals target Westbrook’s Sunken Garden

The damaged sign

Vandals has targeted a sign and noticeboard at the Sunken Garden in Westbrook.

The sign, which had inserts created by fellow volunteer Andrew Miller, has been pushed over, lifting the footings.

Initially it was thought the wind had caused the damage but inspection by volunteer Peter Hasted revealed clear footprints on the sign where it was kicked.

He then found that a noticeboard built and donated by volunteer Chris Adams has also been vandalised and pumpkins put out for Thanet Pumpkin Trail the previous night were also destroyed.

Peter said CCTV is being checked. He added: “Needless to say I am devastated for the Sunken Garden volunteers who work so hard to make this a better place.”

Sunken Garden committee member Sue Finch said: “A dedicated group of volunteers, The Sunken Garden Society supported by the Bumblebee Conversation Trust, has continued to work on the garden all through 2020 planting, weeding, litter clearing, and improving signage.

“We have recently planted Perovskia and Nepeta donated by the BBCT and started our spring bulb planting.

“The new garden sign inserts were made by volunteer Andrew Miller to replace the worn inserts in place since 1986 and have received some positive comments. It is very disheartening when volunteers have worked so hard to see this destructive behaviour but it won’t put us off.”

Police have been informed of the incident which is believed to have taken place early yesterday (November 1)  evening before 7.30pm.


  1. We noticed yesterday there were a lot of the little gas bottles that idiots sniff nitrous oxide gas in the car park below the garden. I think Thanet does seem to have more than its share of vandalism. It just takes the police and Council enforcement officers to be more pro active and catch them. There used to be “ good citizen lesions in the schools” but the government stopped the lessons to save money. Very short sighted.

  2. The Government stops everything we need to save the country money. They said it was necessary austerity, but now they are throwing money about. It makes a mockery of what they say.
    More police and security are needed in the UK to stop crime. Investment in the right things which will pay in the end with less crime left to deal with. Young people out of work need help and teenagers need positive things to do. Thanet has very little for them under decades of successive local and national administrations.

  3. I think we should go back to old fashion values and teach are children the value of things problem today is both parents are working and the kids are left to there own devices do they really no what they got up to last night do they even talk to there kids any more sad sad sad

  4. Old fashioned values, like the birch, do- gooders and the PC softies have a lot to answer for. Parents of these idiots should be fined and held responsible for their offspring offences

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