Birchington mum suffers serious injuries in crash where one driver is still being sought by police

Amy was taken to William Harvey Hospital

Police officers are searching for a driver who left the scene of a crash that resulted in a Birchington mum suffering a suspected broken neck and pelvis and spine injuries.

Amy Taylor, 34, was injured in the three vehicle collision in Shottendane Road, Birchington, just before 7pm yesterday (November 1).

One driver, understood to be a woman who had a child with her, left the scene.

A police search, assisted by the coastguard helicopter, was carried out but the woman was not found.

Mum-of-one Amy was blue-lighted to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford after being freed from her car. She is due to undergo further scans today.

Her mum Gina Mapes has appealed for the woman to hand herself in to police.

She said: “Hand yourself in. My daughter has been blue lighted to Ashford and l’m not allowed to be with her.

“My daughter has a fractured spine in two places, so if anyone has any information, regardless of how big or small it is, please let me or the police know. We need to find the person who left while my daughter was seriously injured in her car.”

It is understood the woman left the scene on foot although police are yet to confirm this. Gina says she understands the woman was seen heading along Margate hill towards Acol. A witness says both the woman and child wore dark coats.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a collision involving three vehicles at 6.54pm on Sunday, November 1.

Officers and Secamb attended Manston Road near the junction with Shottendane Road in Birchington.

“A search of the area, assisted by the HMS Coastguard helicopter, was carried out following a report that the occupants of one of the vehicles had left before speaking to officers.

“Two people reported injuries and were taken to hospital.

“Enquiries remain ongoing to locate the third driver.”

Gina said the family are now concentrating on Amy’s recovery, adding: “There is a long road ahead but she has a determination about her and will get through this.”

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 01-1129.


  1. What a horrendous accident and what a terrible time this poor woman has ahead of her. Let’s hope she recovers fully and does not have ongoing issues. As for the woman who fled the scene with a child, I have no words that can be printed here. What sort of example is that to a child when the parent behaves as irresponsibly and selfishly as that? We can only wonder – did she sleep well last night?

    • All the junctions along that road are dangerous, should be lights or roundabouts, anything other than what it is now

      • we all no how that rd is and slow down but the junkie’s use it as a cut through to ramsgate to avoid the cctv on main rd …junkie meats junkie on junkie’s corner & now she wan’ts a crowd thundning thing are you sure ????

  2. You’d think if she and her child left the scene on foot, the car details she left there would lead the police straight to her home address! but I guess until we know why she did what she did, we shouldn’t really be judge and jury.

    I sincerely hope that poor girl fully recovers from her injuries.

  3. The woman will be caught soon as the car is with foresics, just a matter of time, the best thing she can do is hand her self in!

    What a disgrace to walk away from a person trapped in a car.

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