Appeal to find missing vulnerable 72-year-old who may be in Margate

CCTV image of missing Mary Bonner

UPDATE: News that Mary had been found in Margate was a false alarm. There was a mix up with the original identification. A few hours later, Mary was found in Croydon and taken to hospital and identified by family. Met Police has confirmed Mary is now safe.

An appeal has been made for help to find a missing 72-year-old from Sydenham/Bromley who may be in Margate.

Mary Bonner disappeared from her home on Tuesday evening at around 5.30pm-6pm and is now missing. Her family say because she suffers from dementia, it’s critical she’s found as quickly as possible given both COVID and the cold weather.

The last image of her from Tuesday catches her on CCTV acting confused and approaching the door in question several times. She then walked off, and her whereabouts since is unknown.

She was last seen in the pictured bright blue coat, a stripy jumper, dark trousers, and black boots. It seems unlikely she will have had a mask, but owns a black mask and a mask with a dog on it.

Family friend James Manuell said: “We have shared to several facebook groups, and a lady in Margate reported seeing someone matching her description using the public loos by Margate beach looking quite lost and confused. She formerly worked in central London, and it’s entirely possible she has been able to use a train and travelled into Kent.


“The police are involved, and any reports of her should be reported to the police missing persons unit.”

Detective Constable Steve Donovan said: “Mary’s family are absolutely beside themselves and cannot rest until she is home safe with them. She is vulnerable and the weather is poor at the moment – it is imperative that we find her and make sure she is safe and well. Please look out for Mary and, if you see her, call police immediately.”

Anyone who sees Mary is asked to call 101 ref 20MIS035996


  1. Wonderful to have some good news when reports of missing persons can end in tragedy. Hi 5 Margate for finding her.Maybe she’s had great memories of happy holiday and good times in Margate in Dreamland maybe?

    • Actually Mary Bonner is still missing not sure where you got your information from but the police are still looking. PleAse get your facts right before making massive statements like this as it doesn’t help anyone especially Mary.

      • Hi Andrea, a family friend who sent us the appeal said she had been found in Margate. I will go back to him and the police but in the meantime have reshared to social media to say it was a false alarm and Mary still needs to be found. I am now told there was a mix up with the original identification – a lady was found in Margate, but it turned out to be someone else. A report came in a few hours later, though, and Mary was found in Croydon and taken to hospital and identified by family

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