New council film encourages visitors and locals to enjoy Thanet attractions and ‘Escape the Everyday’

The new film promotes Thanet

A new film has been created by Thanet council’s tourism team to encourage visitors to the coast and help locals explore the attractions on their doorstep.

Escape the Everyday – A Coast for all Seasons was filmed in September with Modus Film Productions and shows the diversity of Thanet with its coastline, attractions, local food and drink and great places for an overnight stay.

It is the first film the team have produced which has a voice-over and people speaking to camera.

Cllr Ruth Duckworth, Thanet District Council’s Cabinet member for Estates and Economic Development, said: “This new film aims to help reposition our spectacular coastline and the Isle of Thanet area as a place to visit at any time of year.

“We are keen to encourage spend in our local economy which will help support our local tourism businesses.  The film is just as relevant for local residents who may have friends and family visit the area, as it is for those outside of the area wishing to take a staycation.

“Our messaging alongside the film is very clear, that visits should only take place within government guidelines.”

The film fits with VisitBritain and VisitEngland’s ‘Escape the Everyday’ campaign and their key themes of discovery, freedom to explore, and treating yourself

It has been shared by VisitEngland as an Insta Story and by England’s Coast which has shared it on UK, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch Facebook pages and also as an Instagram story.

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  1. The Minis Bay Bar and Brasserie, Broadstairs (segment 02:33) Should read The Minis Bay Bar and Brasserie, Birchington.

  2. So, nice to see the local council has put finance first, instead of local residents and visitors.
    Before inviting more visitors, which I am all for, the council should invest in the amenities which are lacking and outdated.
    KCC & TDC need sort out their priorities.

  3. What a dismal pack of distractions. People don’t need
    to be told what they know already exists, what they need
    to be given is the truth that is concealed from this wooden, cliqued concoction of selective sound bytes.

    Where are the piles of rubbish, the multitude of shops struggling
    to survive, the poor and needy, the disappearing trees, the trashed Pegwell Bay, the actions of the Anti-Nature Death Cult
    that is particularly active on the building site of Thanet with its
    flatpack thinking, bricks and chainsaws, drab streets of despair and disillusion? This is not a magic haven – the angels and mystics left ages ago. This is Croydon by the Sea, the bomb drop for the invading forces as they flee for home and better things. What the anti-European ‘demons’ started TDC finished off. The company who made this tedious life style vision tripe must have really struggled to find anything decent to film. Most of it is out to sea, rather like the council as a boat without a paddle looking for a rudder to steer. Make sure the lighthouse is working everyone – you are going to need it.

  4. There are bound to be negative comments about this, particularly unsightly things, but the positive is that visitors bring wealth, and help businesses survive and grow, which in turn produces more amenities for local people. Visitors are likely to be critical of anything they don’t like, and that should filter through via businesses to the powers that be. Thanet is historically an area that survives and thrives because of visitors, and I for one, would rather have a leisure industry here than other types of industrialisation.

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