Ramsgate seven-year-old becomes social media sensation with emotive ‘save nature’ art and words

Nature-loving Jasper Comber and his artwork

A Ramsgate boy’s artwork and a call to save nature and protect trees has received hundreds of shares on social media.

Jasper Comber, seven, entered this work into the annual Thanet School’s Young Artist’s Festival, run by The Rotary Club of Margate. With over 500 paintings submitted, from 39 Thanet Schools, Jasper won first prize in his age group, the 6-7 year old category.

The Margate School hosted the festival this year and exhibited all of the artwork in the old Primark building, Margate High Street, at the end of September.

Following his success, Jasper came home from school one day, and began writing a very emotive piece about saving nature and how we should stop cutting down trees.

He said: “I think it’s important to protect wildlife so they have homes and don’t die. They need ponds, long grass, trees, flowers, bushes and log piles as well as brambles to hide in.

“Instead of just building over land, we should just build up. You could have one tall, thin building surrounded by wildlife. You can just extend a building and make it taller so more people can live in it.

“We need less cars, more sustainable energy like solar, wave and wind power, use less plastic and everyone needs to be kinder to each other and all animals, insects, creatures and plants.”

So far Jasper has received over 500 likes in the Self Isolating Bird Club page and more than 300 likes on the Emma’s Wildlife Friendly Garden page, both on Facebook.

One person has suggested that Jasper makes his paintings into gift cards, to be sold to raise money for wildlife charities, which is something Jasper is very keen to do.

Jasper has always loved nature and felt strongly about caring for both plants and animals. When he was just five-years-old, he had his artwork displayed at Turner Contemporary gallery, as part of their Portfolio competition, where his artwork ‘The Gorilla’ was exhibited.

Jasper will be creating more wildlife inspired writing and artwork in the future, which he hopes will encourage everyone to make a positive change.


  1. Well done Jasper. You feel what many don’t and sadly never will. It will serve you and our planet well, if you keep telling and showing us how you feel about nature.

  2. A very nice soul Jasper has when he is thinking of the environment, animals and trees. Thanet has a very low coverage of trees, being in the bottom 2% in the country so this is important to our region too. I hope his pictures and cards do well and brings in funding for the charities close to his heart.
    Well done Jasper!

  3. Well done, Gemma and all parents/carers who are taking the time to instil some real life values into young minds. Young Jasper’s work can help us all think about our responsibility to our environment. Next, we need to think about our responsibility towards the wellbeing of other people, the real growth of this planet and humanity, not just its flora and fauna. Organisations/Clubs like Rotary are pleased and proud to help young people find a platform for their talents; long may that continue. Go for it, young man – you can make a difference! David Stringer, Broadstairs Rotary Club

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