Hi-tech Thanet firm wins 14-year Ministry of Justice prison X-ray scanner contract

Adani has moved to Thanet

A Thanet high-technology company  has been awarded a 14-year contract with the Ministry of Justice  for equipment and support to tackle the smuggling of drugs and mobile phones into prisons.

The practice of transporting the items internally by prisoners is extremely difficult to monitor. To help tackle this problem following an extensive review of the various X-ray Body Scanners available from different manufacturers the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)  awarded ADANI Ltd a major 14-year (4 year supply, 10 year support) Framework Contract for the CONPASS TR.

ADANI has been working with the various specialists in the MoJ to ensure the system is optimised for use in a prison environment, is easy for staff to use and understand and is highly efficient in detecting contraband hidden on or in prisoners bodies.

The first system was installed, with help from the prison and MoJ staff, in HMP Durham in July. Within the first 72 hours five prisoners were found to have contraband on/in their person – finds that would not have occurred without the availability of the ADANI Body Scanner. Roll-out across other prisons is now underway.

Business Development Director at ADANI Ltd and Thanet dad-of-one Rob Keeler said: “I am pleased that the ADANI Body Scanner has already demonstrated so quickly the significant benefits it offers prisons in detecting contraband  – and I am sure it will continue to do this both as a result of direct detection and deterrence.

“I would also like to thank the MoJ Staff for all their assistance in optimising the interface and performance for the specific needs related to prisons, and to our service partner company Braun Medical.”

Jaimie Hardy – Project Manager, Body Scanners, Adani Ltd “The MoJ had very specific requirements in relation to what it wanted from a body scanner, in terms of Image quality, user interface, anti- tamper hardening, speed, and dosage, Adani Ltd’s capabilities in delivering effective, tailor-made solutions to its customers is now manifestly paying dividends, we are proud of the  product, and extremely pleased that we have enhanced the MoJ’s ability to tackle  the smuggling of Contraband into the Estate”

Adani Ltd have recently relocated from their London offices to Thanet, saying the business was attracted by the strategic logistical location and in hope of the successful reopening of Manston Airport.

Thanet resident Rob with wife Lisa and their daughter

Rob is a Counter-Terror and Security x-ray Detection Specialist  He was in the  Submarine Service in his 20s before transferring to the Army and serving for 15 years, including as part of the Manston Armed Response team who are just about to leave Manston to be based at another facility in UK.

Since moving to Thanet, the Adani Ltd team have grown, recruiting from local talent on the isle.

Adani Ltd are at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and organised crime and the ADANI Body Scanner offers class-leading detection capability across a wide range of applications.

Find out more about the firm by emailing Rob Keeler at rk@adanisystems.com