Hi-tech Thanet firm wins 14-year Ministry of Justice prison X-ray scanner contract

Adani has moved to Thanet

A Thanet high-technology company  has been awarded a 14-year contract with the Ministry of Justice  for equipment and support to tackle the smuggling of drugs and mobile phones into prisons.

The practice of transporting the items internally by prisoners is extremely difficult to monitor. To help tackle this problem following an extensive review of the various X-ray Body Scanners available from different manufacturers the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)  awarded ADANI Ltd a major 14-year (4 year supply, 10 year support) Framework Contract for the CONPASS TR.

ADANI has been working with the various specialists in the MoJ to ensure the system is optimised for use in a prison environment, is easy for staff to use and understand and is highly efficient in detecting contraband hidden on or in prisoners bodies.

The first system was installed, with help from the prison and MoJ staff, in HMP Durham in July. Within the first 72 hours five prisoners were found to have contraband on/in their person – finds that would not have occurred without the availability of the ADANI Body Scanner. Roll-out across other prisons is now underway.

Business Development Director at ADANI Ltd and Thanet dad-of-one Rob Keeler said: “I am pleased that the ADANI Body Scanner has already demonstrated so quickly the significant benefits it offers prisons in detecting contraband  – and I am sure it will continue to do this both as a result of direct detection and deterrence.

“I would also like to thank the MoJ Staff for all their assistance in optimising the interface and performance for the specific needs related to prisons, and to our service partner company Braun Medical.”

Jaimie Hardy – Project Manager, Body Scanners, Adani Ltd “The MoJ had very specific requirements in relation to what it wanted from a body scanner, in terms of Image quality, user interface, anti- tamper hardening, speed, and dosage, Adani Ltd’s capabilities in delivering effective, tailor-made solutions to its customers is now manifestly paying dividends, we are proud of the  product, and extremely pleased that we have enhanced the MoJ’s ability to tackle  the smuggling of Contraband into the Estate”

Adani Ltd have recently relocated from their London offices to Thanet, saying the business was attracted by the strategic logistical location and in hope of the successful reopening of Manston Airport.

Thanet resident Rob with wife Lisa and their daughter

Rob is a Counter-Terror and Security x-ray Detection Specialist  He was in the  Submarine Service in his 20s before transferring to the Army and serving for 15 years, including as part of the Manston Armed Response team who are just about to leave Manston to be based at another facility in UK.

Since moving to Thanet, the Adani Ltd team have grown, recruiting from local talent on the isle.

Adani Ltd are at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and organised crime and the ADANI Body Scanner offers class-leading detection capability across a wide range of applications.

Find out more about the firm by emailing Rob Keeler at [email protected]


  1. This is great news for Thanet, a real high tech firm relocating to Thanet.
    Citing Manston as one of the reasons is very positive too..Obviously with an eye on international trade …

  2. What a great machine. An excellent move for Adani – and for Thanet. “ Adani Ltd have recently relocated from their London offices to Thanet, saying the business was attracted by the strategic logistical location and in hope of the successful reopening of Manston Airport…” Fingers crossed for their success – and Manston’s too.

  3. So the Manston Armed Response Unit are about to be transferred to another UK site!
    Don’t they think there will be an airport to protect in the future?

    Asking for a friend.

    • Its a Police Unit that had worked out of the Fire School which is relocating to Gloucestershire – nothing to do with Manston Airport.

  4. Well done Adani and thank you for coming to Thanet. I’m sure this will be one of many companies that will come to Thanet when Manston Airport reopens.
    It highlights the the damage that the likes of Jenny Dawes and idiots at Ramsgate Town Council are doing by trying to oppose the Airport. Dawes and RTC could not run a bath let-alone a successful innovative council.

  5. Here we go again Ann… I wonder if the body scanner can detect the serious damage done to the lungs, heart and brains of those residents directly affected by the PM2.5 particulates emitted by massive increase in low-flying freight aircraft, running every 12-mins (as per the DCO, NSIP submission) and the huge amount of lorries transporting freight from the corner of England to the rest of the country. It won’t detect the detrimental damage done to Ramsgate, that was acknowledged and accepted by the SoS when he overruled the expert inspectors recommendations to oppose the DCO. It won’t detect the harm done to children’s education from the noise disrupting school learning from flights every 12-mins as a freight hub compared to the 4-6 times a week as when it was previously a passenger airport.

    It won’t detect an ounce of compassion or sanity in you for the impact on Ramsgate, so jog on with your claims of damage and your constantly vile rants.

  6. Great that a High Tech firm has relocated to Thanet.
    Bonkers that they should move here because there’s an outside chance there might be an airport here! How will that help their business? Will they fly their scanners to prisons?
    Just think, if SHP had had their way, their would have been no end of high tech enterprises on that site.

  7. Each new house èquals two or more cars two or more kids and everything that goes with it, how many houses would have been built ! I prefer planes

  8. Those who are unhappy at the idea of thousands more cars in the area should have started lobbying their MPs years ago for better public transport. Look how successful the airport supporters’ lobbying was- the local council more or less ignored a feasible mixed-use plan for the ex-airport site because of it.

  9. More good news. It is a good location with access to mainland Europe for exports… But brexit will make it harder. Hate to bring up manston but doubt they are seriously hedging their bets on manston opening to move their goods. If you’ve worked logistics you’d be aware how expensive air freight is and often only if essential.

  10. Positive news for any company is good news. I am unclear how prison scanning is connected to cargo aviation.

    As the planning inspectors concluded, a cargo hub at Manston would do more harm than good, and it would end more jobs than it would create.

    They also concluded that a cargo hub would have a detrimental affect on our human rights and our health.

    Prison scanning? Sounds like a growth area and good for them for getting the contract.

  11. Dear Derek (nice name btw),

    You say I’m full of b.s. (you don’t actually say why, which is rather a retarded outburst) yet you stand on a platform suggesting that building a cargo hub on the site of a multiple-failed airport- incidentally failed once under the leadership of the current RSP director- means that houses won’t be built in the area. This shows your ignorance- the local area is obliged to build a certain number of houses to meet National need, so those thousands of houses for Thanet are now going onto greenfield sites and prime farming land. So, before you make stupid comments such as ‘I prefer planes’ try to engage what constitutes a brain, particularly before you accuse someone else of being ‘full of b.s.’

    Great to chat Derek.

  12. There isn’t an airport at Manston.
    There’s not likely to be an airport at Manston.
    Even if there was, it would be at least two years before a plane ever flew.
    So, if your business depended on air cargo logistics, then wouldn’t an operation based near Stansted or EMA be a better idea?
    In joining up the dots in the OP, some of the dots seem to be missing.

  13. Hello.
    My names is Pedro Quixote, a South American entrepreneur.
    I’ve heard about the exciting airport that’s about to open at Manston.
    I’m particularly interested in the environmentally friendly idea of using electric barges to move cargoes between Manston and London (though I admit, the canal between Manston and Ramsgate is a bit of a problem).
    So I’m planning to open a company in Ramsgate manufacturing and maintaining electric barges. I’ve got many international investors on board, but if you’d like to share in this wealth creation opportunity, please send your investment to:
    Bianco Panama
    Acct 1313666
    ftao Pedro Quixote, MD Ramsgate Service Products (RSP)

  14. Dear Pedro Quixote,

    I read with interest you innovative business proposition & I would
    be delighted to invest- would £300M be sufficient on my part? It matters not that you’ve no proven experience of electric barges and, that I’ve heard, you’ve previously been struck off as a solicitor for multiple counts of misappropriating clients funds- I believe in you.

    I also wonder if you’ve heard of the new body scanner company that’s just moved to the area- it’s actually registered in Belarus (you know, that Russian-speaking, Russian puppet state), the CEO is Belarusian and lives there, but it registers a loss with UK Companies House every year, yet still gets millions in government funding… Hilariously, those patriotic Manston supporters, who wish for the glory days of Spitfires and Britain being great, have welcomed this Belarussian company with open arms, so we’ll also be laughing all the way to the bank.

    I look forward to a positive response.
    Yours gratefully,

  15. Dear Kim:
    Thank you very much for the £300M. Your investment is safe with RSP; we hope to see a return of 0.002% within 20 years or so.
    Yes indeed: the business opportunities of Manston are well understood here in South America. It has been my delight to discuss “investment” opportunities with like minded people from Belarus, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Macao, Addis Abbaba, Gibralter and Jaywick Sands.
    There is still plenty of scope for investment opportunities with RSP. We will, after all, need to build a new pontoon jetty in Ramsgate port with charging points for the electric barges.
    As to my being a struck-off solicitor, that’s water under the bridge. Let bygones be bygones. My recent track record speaks for itself.

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