Police called to three vehicle crash in Ramsgate

Lord of the Manor Photo Roy Foord

Police were called to a three vehicle crash in Ramsgate this morning (October 13).

Lord of the Manor roundabout was closed off following the incident at around 8am.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a collision in Hengist Way, at around 8am  involving three vehicles.

“There were no reported injuries and the road has since reopened.”


  1. The Lord of the Manor sets of lights and roundabouts in Ramsgate are the worst design ever! It’s surprising there aren’t more accidents there.

    • I agree who ever designed the roundabout should be sacked. You take your life in your hands when ever you use it. Must be the same person who designed smart motorways.

      • The cause of incidents here is poor driving, too fast, lack of awareness and blatant red light jumping, I have recorded numerous incidents on my dashcam which I purchased recently because of the shocking driving! I have also filmed a Volvo today undertaking in excess of 100mph on Thanet Way.

  2. It’s the new crazy in thanet of using the left lane at all roundabouts to turn right. Someone is going to get hurt by these idiots who use the left lane on entering the roundabout to than turn right. It happens every roundabout around here. Even seen people turning left from the right hand lane. The driving standards around thanet have to be the worst in the country.

    At the lord if the manor people going into ramsgate use the right hand lane as an over taking lane and try to push themselves in front of you as their lane ends as soon as you leave the roundabout and they seem to think they have right of way to push you into the pavement, when you dont let them que jump in they tend to give you rude hand signs !

    • Road warrior
      Interesting name! People at the lord of the manor when going into ramsgate use the right handclanr for overtaking/ que jumping, their lane tells them to move over to the left lane. It doesnt say you have the right to push the left hand lane traffic into the keep or let the right hand lane in. The right hard is the lane that is told to move across so has to give away not barge the left lane of the road !

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