Viking Care bid to create outdoor learning room for young people living with autism

Viking Care wants to create an outdoor room

A care service for people living with a learning disability and/or autism is fundraising to create an outdoor space.

Viking Care, based in Margate, provides personal care for people in their own home, and also manages a shared house.

The services wants to create the outdoor learning class for its young people to enjoy. A target of £3,000 has been set.

On the fundraising page it says: “Viking Care provide day centre and respite support for a group of young people with autism and challenging behaviour. We are a small family run business, opened in 2016, and are currently fundraising to replace our horrible shed which is falling apart to replace it with an outdoor learning room/summer house, for our wonderful young people to enjoy.”

The service also plans to hold events, including a ‘give what you can’ yard sale.

Find the Justgiving page here


  1. If there’s one place that don’t need the money it’s this place, just trying to get something for nothing I know I work there 😂

    • It’s evident they do not employ you for your intelligence. Your low pay is clearly equivalent to your aptitude and attitude.

      Good luck Viking Care, as someone who has a grandson with Autism I fully appreciate the service you provide. Keep up the good work.

    • This person/coward does not work for me. I know, as we are a small company with a handful of very happy staff. I started this business putting in every single penny I had, remortgaging my house, using my maternity leave to write policies, went unpaid for 2.5 years to get things going,using my credit card to pay staff when things were tight. Always putting the client first. To suggest otherwise is laughable to anyone who actually works for me, none of whom have such an uncaring attitude as to risk putting of donors for learning equipment.

    • You don’t work there mate. Stop being a horrible little troll.

      Get some joy in your life and stop trying to hate on other people doing good things.

  2. I have worked at Viking for 2 years and am very happy. Seeing the young people flourish is what makes it more special. I’ve never seen a place so willing to put everything back in and improve things.

    • It’s definitely not true. But saddens my heart some random person could be so cruel online, definitely not a caring attitude.

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