Thanet community news: A gift to Caremark, win the morning club, Think Healthy Me and more

Keith Edwards hands the cheque to Garry Costain

Gift to Caremark

During August, and following on from the ‘lockdown’ restrictions, Edwards Embroidery and Trews Workwear of Manston, introduced an initiative to put something back into the community.

When the announcement from the government came out that face coverings were to be worn in certain places, Keith Edwards of Edwards Embroidery and Trevor Kenney of Trews Workwear, ran an offer to supply these face coverings free of charge to local businesses and organisations in exchange for a donation.

All funds raised were to go to Caremark of Thanet, a domiciliary care company based in Margate, who Keith and Trevor were extremely impressed with throughout this period. They were particularly impressed at how Caremark had looked after not only their clients in Thanet, but also their loyal team of carers, who had gone above and beyond their job descriptions to ensure that their clients were not left vulnerable.

At the end of the promotion period, Keith and Trevor were able to present a cheque to Caremark Thanet for the sum of £750 which will be used by the organisation to thank the families of their carers for the excellent work that they have undertaken. Caremark has also been celebrating its workers with ‘not all heroes wear capes’ appreciation awards.

Keith and Trevor would like to thank every single person who took advantage of this offer, and no matter how small or large the donation was, without the support of the community this would not have been possible.

Win the morning, win the day

An early morning walk and optional dip event has been set up in Thanet.

Resident Linda Mead was inspired by the Win the morning, win the day event started in Gosport and decided to create a group for the isle.

Participants meet at Dumpton Gap at the top of the slope on Fridays at 5.20am to start a swim and walk at 5.30am . All is run safely with reminders of COVID rules.
Linda said: “The aim is to set people up for the day, take people out of their comfort zone and start the weekend on a high. It’s free, no one will make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

All are welcome to join in.

Think Healthy Me Ltd

The health of the UK economy and businesses is reeling due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

A new Kent based company recognised an opportunity to support and help the struggling Kent companies, both corporate and SME’s. Think Healthy Me Ltd registered with Companies House in April 2020 during the Lockdown.  Since registering they have prepared themselves with the appropriate skills and passion necessary to help local businesses regenerate.

Brian Urwin (pictured), CEO of Think Healthy Me Ltd has always had a keen interest in health, his own, his families and the wider community. Since the World Rio Summit in 1992 he has followed all world summits. Also, he has travelled the world to research different countries responses to climate change and health. He is convinced that the key to success here in the UK is that measuring and improving organisational health is complimentary to improving the bottom line.

Brian Urwin said: “Many of our Associates have had life threatening experiences including myself with a Cardiac Arrest in a foreign country in 2000. Through lifestyle changes we have successfully conquered these illnesses and learnt as a result. We wish to share this learning. Our collective skills are extensive and include, Executive Coaching, Resilience, Stress Management, Obesity, Heart Mindfulness, Healthy Eating, Yoga to address PTSD, Human Resources, Organisation Development and Community Empowerment.”

Selected associates complete a needs analysis with Business Owners which directs them to the key focus requirements to regenerate. The outcome is that THM help the Business Owner to identify the diverse and complex organisation needs.

INTERESTED? Please visit

Martha Trust

Martha Trust have been the latest charity to receive a substantial donation from the “Worthy Causes Committee” at the Mark Benevolent Fund for Freemasonry.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Archibald Iain Torrance of the Mark Province of Kent and The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Roger Richardson of the Mark Province of Sussex came together to support the grant.

They were supported by Worshipful Brother Brian Ward who is the Provincial Grand Charity Steward for the Mark Province of Kent and Worshipful Brother Ivor Bennet who is the Provincial Grand Senior Warden of the Mark Province of Sussex

The substantial grant will pay for 14 specialist beds, which are designed especially to accommodate the needs of the residents at Martha Trust across Kent and Sussex with profound physical and multiple learning disabilities.

R.W.Bro Archibald Iain Torrance the Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Province of Kent said: “As the Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Province of Kent and as a trustee of the Mark Benevolent fund it was a great pleasure to be able to formally present the Martha Trust with a grant from the Mark Benevolent Fund during our visit to their premises at Hacklinge. The work they do in support of those in need is first class and I am proud that the MBF has been able to assist by purchasing the specialist beds required. I am grateful to Julie Gayler and Kerry Banks BEM for hosting our visit and to R.W.Bro. Roger Richardson, Prov.G.M. Sussex, W. Bro. Ivor Bennett and Brian Ward for being part of the  presentation party.”

R.W.Bro Roger Richardson the Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Province of Sussex, added: “All Mark Masons of England and Wales, regularly contribute to our Grand Charity The Mark Benevolent Fund, with a view to supporting worthy causes in the form of a grant.

“In these uncertain and unprecedented times, inspiring charities such as the Martha Trust, are really feeling the pinch due to the restrictions on fundraising, essential to the lifelong work of the Trust. I am therefore proud to represent the Mark Masons of Sussex in this joint presentation with the Mark Masons of Kent, with this grant for essential equipment in support of Martha Trust locations in Kent and Sussex.”

Deputy CEO and Home Manager Julie Gayler said: “We are incredibly grateful to The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Archibald Iain Torrance of the Mark Province of Kent and The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Roger Richardson of the Mark Province of Sussex for their generous support in the purchase of new specialist beds for our 3 homes in Kent and East Sussex. It is vital that we are able to provide the required specification of bed for all our residents, some of which are of bespoke design. This kind donation will truly benefit everyone who lives at Martha Trust.”

Freemasons are the second largest givers to charitable causes under the National Lottery. They are always looking for new members to join their ranks of fellow Freemasons.

If you would like to learn more, please check out

If you would like to support Martha Trust , please contact [email protected]

or call 01304 610448 to have a chat with the Fundraising Team.

Manston Skills and Employment Board (MSE-Board)

The MSE-Board was established in January 2019 to ensure local people get the maximum benefit from the reopening of Manston Airport. RSP is committed to local recruitment and local procurement, and the MSE-B will ensure people from East Kent have the right skills to take the wide range of jobs that will be created.

Attending the latest meeting by zoom with RSP director Tony Freudmann and Dr Sally Dixon of Azimuth Associates were:

Paul Winter, Chair, Kent and Medway Skills Commission

Munya Badze, Enterprise Coordinator, The Enterprise People

David Foley, CEO, Thanet and East Kent Chamber

Tony Freudmann, Director, RSP

MJ Holloway, Cabinet Member, Dover District Council

Tim Ingleton, Head of Inward Investment, Dover District Council

Dan Graham for Tony March, Partnership Manager for Thanet, JobCentre Plus

Anne Nortcliffe, Director of Engineering Curriculum, CCCU

Jonathan Smith, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, East Kent Colleges

David Stevens

Ian Stockley, Councillor, Canterbury City Council

Jeanette Stockley, Sheriff, Canterbury City Council

Mike Rayner, who is the principal Lead for Post 16 education for The Education People, also attended – discussing how to provide the best possible offer for 16 to 19 year olds in education, and to ensure value for money. During the meeting, Jonathan Smith and Anne Nortcliffe provided an update on the skills agenda, highlighting how many institutions are in dire straights financially at the moment and the group discussed the COVID-19 recovery and spoke about Kick Start, which is aimed at providing work experience for 16 to 24 year olds and is accessed via the local Chambers of Commerce.

Dr Sally Dixon, who has developed the MSE-Board initiative on RSP’s behalf said: “We heard in the meeting how the latest skills and unemployment figures for East Kent are worsening. “In August 2020, unemployment for 18 to 24 year olds in Thanet was 17.5% compared to Sevenoaks at 8.1%. Qualification at NVQ4 was also considerably lower in Thanet than in other parts of Kent and so planning a robust skills and education strategy for Thanet’s future has perhaps never been more critical.”

Looking forward, a working group for the Manston Training Facility will be set up from the beginning of October and will include the EKC Group, CCCU and other MSE Board members. Once social distancing permits, a visit to Coca-Cola’s visitor centre, and to CEME in Essex is also set to be arranged.

The MSE-Board considers the future employment and skills needs of the airport following DCO approval, from planning and construction through to operation. The aim of the MSE-B is to ensure that Manston and associated businesses will have access to well-trained and experienced potential employees across a diverse range of skill sets. The MSE-B will do this by ensuring a comprehensive range of services are available to young people, job seekers and employers in the area around the airport.

Puddle Ducks swim school

Toddler and child swim school, Puddle Ducks has expanded its territory and is now teaching children to swim across North Kent and South East London, in addition to their existing lessons in East Kent.

Pools have been allowed to reopen since July 25, but Puddle Ducks pushed back their relaunch date to September in order to ensure that their venues are completely safe and fully up to date with the company’s comprehensive COVID-19 guidelines.

The swim school, owned by Victoria Rowley, is pleased to have relaunched it’s lessons from September 5.

Victoria has created a strong reputation and experienced rapid growth since purchasing the business in 2015. She has grown customer numbers and pool locations, and now has over 30 team members, a dedicated and passionate team committed to providing baby and child led swimming, whilst nurturing confidence and encouraging natural ability.

Victoria said “We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our services to accommodate the North Kent and South East London area. As we expand our aim is to continue using the latest techniques and ensure our teaching standards remain high. Children are at the centre of what we do, and we want to continue providing a fantastic experience to suit every child’s needs.

“We are excited to have re-started lessons and are so happy to have welcomed our children back to some of our pools! Lockdown has seen many youngsters miss out on 6 months of swimming, so we are delighted we can now welcome them back to lessons to continue developing their confidence in the water.

“Throughout lockdown, we have provided skills and activities for our little swimmers to practice on dry land, in the bath or in their paddling pools via our weekly newsletters, but nothing can compare to being in the pool. Learning to swim is an essential life skill, and we have made sure children can get back to lessons as safely and as soon as possible.”

Puddle Ducks provides award-winning swimming programmes for 0-10-year-olds. Taught by experts, they focus on teaching independent swimming in a nurturing environment with individually tailored activities to suit all abilities.

For a full outline of Puddle Ducks COVID-19 guidelines and measures, visit