Margate therapist’s debut book becomes Amazon bestseller within hours of its release

Debbie's book is an Amazon number one bestseller

A holistic therapist from Margate has become an Amazon number one bestseller with the release of her debut book.

Mum-of-two Debbie Sturge completed her book Your Secret Power during the covid lockdown and hit the number one spot just hours after its release.

The book contains nutrition advice, mindset techniques and tools to overcome self-doubt and fear.

The nan-of-three qualified in nutritional therapy more than 20 years ago and has since become a Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui and Angelic), and Spiritual/Transformation Life Coach. She is also a black belt (2nd Dan) in karate!

Debbie said: “While it had been a dream of mine for many years to write a book, I eventually put pen to paper and completed my manuscript during the lockdown, when I faced 12 weeks isolation with my husband who’d not long recovered from cancer and so deemed high risk for contracting the virus.”

Debbie has used her own experiences to help shape the book.

She said: “I lost my dad to cancer in 2014 while learning to cope with my mum’s dementia, and then only 14 months later my younger brother was killed in an accident. What followed was a period of massive growth, as I put into practice all the tools and techniques I now use in my business.

“At no time was I more grateful for the knowledge and tools at my disposal, than when my husband of 33 years was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2019. Initially paralysed with fear and uncertainty, I knew how essential it was to reconnect to my inner strength and once again practice what I preached.

“My book, ‘Your Secret Power’, draws on my professional experience and the personal healing journey following years battling my own fears, self-doubt and self-sabotage. I take a very open approach to sharing the highs and lows, and outlining the struggles I experienced, but also reveal insights, tools and techniques that helped me overcome them, in a bid to inspire others looking to make a change.

“I am passionate to share what helped me step into my power, to empower others to do the same.”

Your Secret Power costs £4.44 on Kindle and £10.99 in paperback.

Find out more about Debbie and the book here


    • Not my sort of book either, but well done to Debbie! It’s quite an achievement writing a bestseller.

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