Plan for 23 homes and 15 flats on edge of Eurokent site approved

How it could look Image Kentish Projects

An application to build 23 houses and a block of 15 flats off Stirling Way in Ramsgate has been approved by Thanet council.

Kentish Projects will develop the site, which lays in the perimeter of the Eurokent Business Park and is bounded by Royal Harbour Academy and Laleham Gap Schools.

The homes will be modular construction, meaning they can be built away from the site and then assembled on-site. Once on-site the sections are slotted into place and joined together to make a complete building.

Planning documents say houses would all have a family garden while ground floor flats would have access to private external space and the remaining flats will have communal facilities for cycle storage and amenity space.

The document drawn up by Hume Consultancy adds: “Given the housing shortfall in the district, set against the national housing deficit, modular housing can provide a significant boost to delivering houses speedily and to a high standard.”

Fifteen flats will comprise of 6 x 3 bedroom and 9 x 1 bedroom flats. The 23 houses will be a mix of 14 x 3 bedroom and 9 x 2 bedroom homes. Affordable housing provision will be included.

New cycle and pedestrian routes would be created ad there will be 52 parking spaces. Access will be from Ozengell Place, off New Haine Road,

The planning document states: “The proposed residential units would be of a consistent design and appearance across the whole of the site, which is reflective of the adjoining industrial and educational buildings. The site’s position at the edge of the Eurokent business park is considered to be a highly suitable location for this type of modular housing being a transitional point between the residential Newington estate and the Eurokent business park and Westwood Cross further to the north.”

Image Kentish Projects

The Eurokent site has existing planning permission for a mixed-use development for up to 550 dwellings; business floorspace; car showroom; a new local centre, retail, community facilities and healthcare. The permission was gained at appeal after Thanet council, which owned the site and Manston Business Park alongside Kent County Council and Rosefarm Estates, rejected the initial proposal on the grounds the land should be employment use only.

That decision was overturned on appeal by then Secretary of State Eric Pickles, meaning the green light was given for mixed use with homes and commercial and retail space.


  1. no jobs no dentists doctors full to capacity, no leisure facilitie affordable. no police mo roads no space no parking why dont you extend thanet into the sea to get more space. only saying.

    • You missed the part which said:

      The Eurokent site has existing planning permission for a mixed-use development for up to 550 dwellings; business floorspace; car showroom; a new local centre, retail, community facilities and healthcare

      If it gets built is another thing

  2. Buyer beware. This property development company run by Mr Ellis has previously sold new build properties that do not comply with the planning consents granted or more seriously with Building Regulations. Avoid.

    • So what happened to those properties that did not comply, and was Me Ellis’s company not prosecuted?

      • No action was taken or interest shown by the relevant authorities. These are sadly common problems with new build properties in recent years and unfortunately many of these issues do not come to light until years after the build has been finished and quite often the original development company has gone bust by then. The fault lies with the system and the relative lack of inspection of new build properties during construction and prior to sign off.

        • Grenfell was pretty similar ‘never having complied with fire regulations from the day it was built, so hardly a new problem. ( though seeing as grenfell was built and run by a public body , you’d have hoped for better)

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