Boat washed up at Margate belongs to Southend sea scout group

Arrangements to pick the boat up have been made Photo Carl Hudson

A boat washed up on Margate Main Sands on Tuesday (September 29) belonged to a sea scout group in Southend.

HM Coastguard Margate were tasked by UK Coastguard to reports of the vessel  on the beach.

On arrival officers managed to secure the vessel so it would not go back out to sea. The owners were contacted and it turned out the boat  was from the Sea Scout group.

Photo Carl Hudson

During the last set of bad weather the boat had broken free from its mooring and was blown across to Margate.

The owners have arranged for the vessel to be picked up.


  1. A shame the comments are so critical. Sea Cadets are a charity which benefits many children in Britain.
    How do we know it was ‘careless’ Dumpton? Could have been vandals, or even just worked itself loose, or rope snapped.
    “Salvage rights?” R…. you would claim them from a children’s charity ?

    Think, a bit, before you make a futile comment….

  2. Glad no one was lost or drowned.

    Dumoton. Have you not the weather out there. Its Gale force storms. Batter down your hatchet

    Robster.. Calm down
    Have some nettle tea. It’s good for stress.

    Cheese fest… Love a bit of Cliftonville maturity lol

    All is safe…be safe… Wash your hands

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