Reception and Year 3 pupils at St Gregory’s Primary isolating after two youngsters believed to receive positive Covid tests

St Gregory's Primary

Reception pupils and youngsters in Year 3 at  St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School in Margate are self-isolating after two pupils were said to have tested positive for Covid-19.

Pupils were sent home this morning (September 21) after the school received confirmation of the results. The affected pupils had been isolating. It is thought some 65 pupils in total are now isolating.

The school is a member of the Kent Catholic Schools Partnership.

Covid-19 guidance at St Gregory’s says: “We will inform parents of the class (without naming anyone) should this situation arise. We feel this transparency is important as individual families are best placed to assess the underlying risks within their own families and make decisions on attendance accordingly.

“In this situation, provision will remain open until a positive test is returned. The decision to close any classes where someone has a positive test is made by the Public Health England team and/or the Department for Education’s NHS Advice Team.”

UPDATE (September 22): School talks with Public Health England confirm no positive cases and staff and pupils told they can return to school –

Pupils at Christ Church Junior School in Ramsgate have also been tested but it has not been confirmed whether there was a positive result. Kent County Council’s area education officer said the youngsters were being tested rather than confirmed as testing positive. The academy and KCC will be following the guidance and process set out by government.

Yesterday Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate confirmed a student at the lower school had tested positive resulting in five staff and 25 pupils being asked to self isolate.

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  1. Schools have been open just a couple of weeks, and already two in Thanet are sending home children who’ve tested positive for CV.
    We were told by the government that schools were safe. They might be, but the homes from which the children come might not be. Just look at the way people behave.
    If I had a child at school, I’d be frantic with worry, and queuing up at Manston on a daily basis for tests on my household.

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