Overheated Segway battery causes Margate house fire


Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a bedroom fire in a house in Selborne Road in Margate in the early hours of this morning (September 19).

Three engines attended the scene at 3.28am. The occupants were safely outside on arrival.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel jets to put the fire out and cleared the building of smoke with a high pressure fan. Fortunately the fire was contained to the bedroom.

The fire is believed to have started accidentally, due to an overheated battery in a Segway toy which had been left plugged in to charge overnight.

Crews cleared the scene at 3.59am.

Following this incident, firefighters are urging people to take steps to prevent fires related to charging batteries:

Avoid charging batteries or any electrical items overnight or if you leave the house.

When charging batteries place them on a non-flammable surface in a room with a smoke detector.

Follow the manufactures’ charging guidelines and use recognised and recommended chargers and charging leads.


  1. Not very sympathetic of you ,not all of us understand the dangers of charging appliances ,so let’s not be so critical.

    • Most people wouldn’t dream of charging overnight, or leaving it plugged in, as per manufacturer instructions.

      How many times do we need to hear this message from the Fire Brigade, and news sites?

      “Oh, it won’t happen to me”

    • It is well documented that you don’t leave any charger plugged in when not attended, especially overnight. Yes indeed, some people never learn. This person won’t do it again, and no, I am not laughing about it and am so glad that nobody was hurt.

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