Police investigation following reports of ‘after school’ robberies in Margate

Police presence in the Hartsdown area Photo John Horton

Police are investigating after complaints were made that youngsters on the way home from school are being targeted and robbed in the Hartsdown Park area.

It is thought the culprits are also young people and understood that one boy was threatened and had his phone taken.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police has been made aware of three incidents in the area of St George V Avenue, Margate on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September.

“It is reported that on each occasion a person was approached by a group of people who made demands for items they had on them. Officers are conducting enquiries into the incidents.”

There has been a police presence in the area this afternoon (September 18).

Hartsdown Academy head teacher Matthew Tate said: “This has been a really unpleasant  time for our students and the school has increased its supervision of the park and surrounding areas. We have really appreciated the support of the police and other schools who have responded robustly to deal with the perpetrators. Hopefully this response has now resolved the issue.”


  1. It’s a shame the police presence on Friday didn’t put the robbers off. Our feral youth seem to have no fear of a police officer these days.

  2. Just the pupils of one of thanets premiere educational establishments putting their spin on the idea of “ after school clubs”.

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