Fire services called after roof coping stone starts to ‘slide off building’ in Cliftonville

Fire services and Kent Building Control were called to Cliftonville on Sunday (September 13) after a coping stone weighing more than a tonne began to slide off a three-storey house.

The Victorian building’s freehold is owned by a London company and contains flats which are a mixture of tenanted and owner occupied. Fire crews arrived at 6pm and remained for three hours to ensure its safety.

The loose coping stone could have caused serious injury to anyone near the building as well as causing damage to cars and property. Kent Building Control and scaffolding company, Formation arrived at the scene to further secure the building in Gordon Road.

Photo: Tadeusz Cwiklik

Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: ” We were called on 13 September to reports of overhanging roof tiles on a three-storey building in Gordon Road, Cliftonville. Two fire engines and a height vehicle attended, and crews worked with the local authorities to assess the scene and ensure the area was safe. Duty of care was left with Thanet District Council and Kent County Council.”

Photo: Tadeusz Cwiklik

The area remains cordoned off.

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  1. Have to wonder where coping stones that weigh over a tonne 1000kg come from when most seem to be 50kg or less. Not that having 50kg falling from the roof is a good idea, but still.

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