Teddy bears’ picnic for Reception children at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Fun for little ones at RAPs

Teddy bears, cuddly favourites and well-loved toys, accompanied by their young owners, were welcomed to a special picnic as Ramsgate Arts Primary School greeted its Reception children.

A new educational adventure is underway for children and their families who were given a warm welcome as they enjoyed their first chance to explore their school, make friends and find out about their class teachers.

The teddy bears’ picnic is usually held during July before the end of term but was rearranged due to pandemic restrictions, although early years staff held pre summer holiday online sessions with families rather than carrying out home visits.

Head of Early Years Sophie Spurrier said: “We were so excited to have children back in school again and there was a real buzz in the community. All of the children loved their first time in RAPS.

“For safety, we decided to split our picnics into two sessions and hold them the week before the children started school.

“This was such a fantastic opportunity for the children to meet their peers and the staff, have a look around their new classrooms and play with the toys.”

The outdoor play area that leads off the reception classrooms was a big hit, with the little ones taking the opportunity to be creative and engage with the many of the static learning-through-play areas, as well as letting off steam on the mini cycle circuit.

Inside the classrooms they familiarised themselves with the layout, looked at the variety of books and learning games, and generally made themselves at home.

In line with safety measures, one parent per family was invited to the picnic and supplied their own food and a blanket to sit on.

Head of School Nick Budge said it was a great start to school life for the children and families. He said: “The transition to school is always a big step and this year we have adapted our programme to meet our own strict safety measures.

“The children had a great time and are already integrating well with their RAPS community.

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“Our staff continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the return to school for all pupils and families is made with confidence and reassurance.

“The new school year at RAPS is underway with real sense of excitement and adventure as we learn and work together.”