Bomb disposal team and police on scene in Westgate

Bomb disposal team on site Photo Carl Hudson

Police and a bomb disposal team are on the scene in Westgate.

The Royal Logistics Corp Explosive Ordnance Device team has been called in for two objects, thought to be unexploded ordnance or a suspicious package,  found at a property in the Westgate Bay Avenue/St Mildred’s Road area of the town.

Photo Frank Leppard

Forensics, police vans and cars are on site. The area is currently cordoned off and it is understood some properties may have been evacuated.

Photo Carl Hudson

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers are currently in Westgate Bay Avenue, Westgate-on-sea, to assist with a cordon whilst experts from the Ministry of Defence Ordnance Disposal Unit assess two objects that have been found.”

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The MoD has been asked for further details.

UPDATE: Road now open.