Child rescued after fall into Ramsgate harbour

HM Coastguard

Margate Coastguard was called into action this afternoon (September 5) after a boy fell into Ramsgate harbour.

The youngster fell opposite Ship Shape café in Military Road at around 2.30pm.

HM Coastguard Margate, which was alerted by UK Coastguard, says: “Thankfully one of our officers works in the cafe and after the dad had jumped in as well, thought quickly to get the life ring thrown to them to drag them to the pontoons.

“The couple were helped out of the water and the dad decided that he was going to take the child to hospital to get him checked out.”


  1. Right where people were moaning, about having railings installed.

    Is it still not worth it? How many lives might it save, it can’t be measured.

  2. I used to jump in to the harbour at all states of the tide as a kid in the 70s. It used to be called fun. Scores of local kids did the same.

  3. What’s your point Barry? ‘me and the lads were strong enough not to get drowned by the tide unlike these stupid kids today’

  4. A little boy died falling into the harbour – it was nearly twenty years ago now – but my daughter-in-law who dealt with him at QEQM was a recently qualified nurse at the time, and has never forgotten the horror of it. She clings on to our Down syndrome grandson like a vice every time we go that way and would really prefer to be on the other side of the road. Unfortunately, as we all know, it’s often massively crowded on that side.
    I agree that children have to be monitored but small people are extremely unpredictable and could have hidden disabilities so please don’t be too harsh on the parents.

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