Youngsters invited to open day and trials with East Kent FC


Youngsters of all abilities are invited to take part in an open day and trials with East Kent FC tomorrow (September 5)

The club will set up friendly football matches and offer free coaching.

Club chairman Dave Marlow said: “We are looking to make things as casual and fun as possible. It goes without saying that the more a player enjoys themselves, the more we will see their true potential. ”

The session runs from 10am to 11.30am at the green on the corner of 108 Salisbury Avenue and Dumpton Park Drive.

For more details email [email protected] or call Dave on 07970659562.


  1. Dave Marlow ran a football club in the summer of 2017, left kids in charge while he went on holiday, and one of those kids he left in charge snapped the shin of my 6 year old cousin who was wearing shin pads.

  2. The pain and suffering he has caused my family is unreal. Not even an apology for the damage done to a 6 year old boy. Parents beware please, the choice is yours, but I wouldn’t trust this man with a hamster let alone a Child!!

  3. A coach shouldnt be anywhere the kids he is training , the coach should only be coaching not playing along with them. It is against FA Guidelines for a coach to take part in training with the kids. Is this club a Charter Standard Club ? Where every group is trained/coached by at least a level 1 coach.

    • Check out the reviews and posts on Ekfc. We are not being vindictive,we are just warning parents. How Dave Marlow is allowed to carry on working with children is beyond us. Because a 6 year old child was unconscious because of the pain of a snapped tibia was left to crawl across a field and was on morphine for 3 days he was classed as an unreliable witness. Because all the gutless parents would not come forward and tell the truth because Dave Marlow said so. Dave Marlow thinks a 6 year old done this to himself. The man is a bully who also threatened my niece,also telling her to keep her mouth shut. That didn’t work and never will. One day this man will get his come uppance,because we are not going away and we will never give up until that man gets stopped.

  4. Grant Hansen The bloke who runs this went on holiday and left his teenage son and his mates to look after kids at a soccer school. Lucas was 6yrs old at the time and one of the teenagers tackled him that hard that even with shin pads on broke his leg badly that he spent days in QEQM before being plastered from toe to groin.

    They left him on the side of the pitch and called his parents but no ambulance, his mum called that when she got there and he was going into shock.

    Not once has there been an apology and they even blamed Lucas for it
    The club wasn’t affiliated with the FA at the time so there was nothing they could do

  5. Tracey

    So sorry to read what happened to your little boy. May I ask what was the response from Kent FA children protection officer and his clubs insurers ? I think the club has to be affiliated to KFA.

    We moved my lad to a more friendly club.

    Parents before sending your kids to any club ask to see proof that the club is affiliated to KFA and that the club has CPO ( might be a new title now). The club should be least a Standard Charter Club, with at least level 1 coaches for every team. Never leave your little ones alone with a club until your feel 100% sure they are safe. To many coaches when I was involved in youth football thought the game was for them not the kids. For the coaches to think they are the new Alex Ferguson.

    I hope your little lad has made a full recovery and still loves football.

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