Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet moves to new Margate High Street home

Sharon Goodyer of Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet

This week Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet – responsible for free and cheap food schemes across the isle – moves into a shop in Margate High Street.

In a collaboration with Thanet council, Our Kitchen has taken over the premises at 51 High Street and will host a food club shop, will offer meal kits, chances to learn new recipes, useful information sessions on nutrition and opportunities to taste new products.

Our Kitchen is a community interest  company headed up by Ramsgate resident Sharon Goodyer and run with input from trustees, staff and volunteers.

It has hosted Summer Kitchen sessions since 2018 – serving some 1,642 meals to families in that first year – based at Drapers Mills primary and  Dame Janet primary.

During the pandemic the Kitchen adapted to become one of the suppliers of food to people in need across Thanet.

Recently a food club ‘social supermarket’ – with quality, health food at low prices – was trialled at Drapers Mills primary.

Now the Kitchen has signed a lease with Thanet council support for the new base, next door to KFC and the new Silvers event space, in the High Street.

Sharon said: “We must be as Covid safe as we know how to be so we will have to limit numbers, insist on hand sanitising and masks. We will clean surfaces and handles regularly.

“Our group sessions will be small and socially distanced. We will also have a one way system through the shop.

“But this is a very good start. We have never had a ‘ home’ before. Our pop up activities have been well received and we have registered nearly 45 families during the time Our Shop has been open this summer at Drapers Mills school.

Sharon at the Summer Kitchen last year Photo David Stillman

“The food club is trying to make things better for those who are trying to eat better and more healthily but just do not have the money to do so. This situation is just silly. The whole country would be better off in the long run if instead of subsidising those who can afford to eat out they helped all those of us trying to cook better for our families day in and day out.

“We are buying as much fresh fruit and veg as we can and we also have lots of fruit juice, tinned fruit, Yorkshire teabags, some dark chocolate with fruit and nuts in, our old favourite: baked beans, lots of tinned butter beans and lentils and some good quality sausages as well as the staples like rice, spaghetti  and pasta. We have yogurts and spreadable butter too.

“We are starting to develop a range of good quality cakes like carrot cake and meal kits to give everyone ideas on how to make the best use of simple affordable ingredients.”

Work is underway to get the shop ready for opening on Monday (August 31). The shop will be open Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to 3pm.

To find out more, or to register for the social food club shop, find Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet facebook page here


  1. This is the old meraki hairdressers unit?? The unit that TDC evicted the previous tenant from?? even though they had a thriving business and didn’t want to leave?? Some serious dodgy dealings here !!

    I would like to know how much rent Sharon will be paying?

    This will have a knock affect on the shop opposite which has trader there years!

    Questions need to be asked how favouritism to one individual and group such as isle of Thanet kitchen!

    Clearly moving from a charity free food to selling….

    • Maureen,
      I am sorry you feel what we are doing is wrong in some way. I know nothing about the past history of this building.

      Give us a chance to get going and then come and see for yourself.

      I am not going to make any attempt to change your mind now.

  2. Our shop will be an instant success in the high street, inexpensive healthy food will be very popular.

  3. How can you insist on hand sanitising & face masks when it is against the law to discriminate against those who have exemptions? I thought the Labour Party were all about human rights, not control. See Equality Act 2010

    • |I imagine that you are not regularly confused with a ray of sunshine. God forbid that someone should try to do something positive and healthy.

      Well done to everyone involved with this project.

      • Both myself & my son volunteered for Sharon when she had a shop at Cliffsend, working long hours, cleaning & painting for no pay.
        I helped Sharon with her business plan & served customers in the shop, all unpaid. As I had run my own business & was ‘good with words’ apparently, I was useful but I was surprised at Sharon’s lack of business acumen. I tried to offer helpful advice but this was resented as Sharon does like to be in the ascendant & does like a disposable lackey or two. She offered my son a job & then reneged on the deal. He was badly let down & it really knocked his confidence. She did the same to another lady.

      • Let’s hear the truth as you seem to know it, Esme No Surname. Or are you just mud-slinging for the head teacher?
        I’m not keen on me & mine being used & abused, I’m guessing you don’t care.You must be a councillor.

    • Give it a rest for heaven’s sake and do step off your soapbox.
      This enterprise does nothing but good for the community, knows how to run its business within current regulations and does not need your carping.
      Well done to Your Kitchen for putting the effort in to help others.

      • With respect, I shan’t be taking orders from an imperial weight. I’ve run my own business & would not dream of discriminating against potential customers by insisting they cause themselves distress by adhering to mere guidelines.
        Not helpful for the disabled community.

        • Fran Witherden is on the right path, it’s everybody else that is out of step!
          You really do seem to enjoy confrontation and upsetting others, even those that only have the less fortunate in our society’s welfare at heart.
          Just what is your problem, apart from never having a coherent discussion or little compassion?

  4. Well done Thanet Council and of course Sharon for getting this all together, a brilliant project which will help so many Thanet residents and families!

  5. Fantastic news! Congratulations to Sharon. A true community champion. FW is a well known local negative & bitter person. Best ignored

    • Always suspicious of those who choose anonymity. I’m guessing you’re a bitter socialist. Why would I be bitter? #truthwillout

    • Typical of you, Sharon, schmooze on those that can fulfill your corporate aspirations while discarding the minions you have used & abused. No explanations, no apology, no answers. #moveonup

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